Oops Mat Eco-Friendly, Washable, Personalized Custom Yoga Mat!

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These mats are not quite up to our quality standards aesthetically—but they are still 100% functional and still AHHMAZING—although not perfect. Our oops mats are just the nature of the printing business—sometimes we don't hit the mark. As an Eco-friendly company, it feels wrong to put these mistakes in the recycling when they still possess the ability to be useful.

If you're comfortable with the concept of close enough, an Oops Mat will work just fine for you. If you're a lover of perfection, don't put an Oops mat in your cart, you'll be disappointed and we'll be sad you're not happy.

How we determine an Oops...
  • the color saturation might not be too light
  • the artist signature is not crisp 
  • there might be a "smudge" in a design element 
  • ink might not have gotten all the way to the edge of the mat and there is a little bit of the base color showing through
  • resolution of the print might appear a little blurry 
  • there might have been some dust on the mat before it was printed—so the ink got on the dust and not on the mat leaving little white dots where the ink should be
  • the personalization has a mistake—like we printed the wrong namethis has happened more than once
  • we lost a letter in a quote, phrase, or in our hidden Big Raven
  • when going through the printer the mat shifted and created a little crease
  • the rubber on the back of the mat is scratched 


    About Our Yoga Mats

    Our beautiful and artistic yoga mats bond a velvety microfiber surface to an eco-friendly natural rubber base. This luxurious microfiber surface actually gets grippier as it gets wetter, making it perfect for all kinds of yoga, but especially for hot yoga!

    Our mats are printed in our Minnesota studio using nontoxic water-based dyes.

    We don’t plaster our logo on your yoga mat. Instead, we hide our name somewhere in every design. You can read more about why we do this here.


    • 24" wide × 72" long (183cm × 61cm)
    • 5 mm thick — thicker than most mats to provide extra support for knees, wrists, and hips!
    • Sturdy, portable, and easily packable at 6 pounds, 14 ounces.
    • Lays flat — the ends won’t curl after it’s been rolled!
    • Sustainably printed using nontoxic, water-based dyes.
    • The wetter it gets the grippier it gets.
    • Colorfast.
    • Luxuriously soft and thick for restorative practices.
    • Gorgeous, vibrant artwork that’s just as beautiful as anything you’d hang on your wall!
    • Unique — no one will have a mat as cool as yours!

    Learn More

    Great yoga mats start with great materials, and Big Raven Yoga mats are the highest quality yoga mats in the world. We’ve arrived at what we believe to be the ideal yoga mat.

    It’s a well-balanced synthesis of size, weight and cushion made from premium, eco-friendly materials. Our brushed microfiber suede top is a proprietary recycled polyester to help lessen our impact on the environment. By using recycled (and recyclable) materials, we’re reducing our use of energy, water, and greenhouse gases.

    In addition, our base is made from biodegradable, recyclable, 100% natural tree rubber which provides both excellent cushion and great traction for wet floors. Our yoga mats are the perfect blend of art and engineering and function as both your yoga towel and your yoga mat.

    We only make one yoga mat. Many designs, but only one mat, because it’s the best mat we know how to make.

    Our yoga mats are nearly indestructible. No matter what you do to them they’ll continue to look and perform like new for years to come. (We know this from experience. We WANT to treat our yoga mats the way they deserve to be treated, but we never actually do.)

    Our microfiber suede surface provides more grip the wetter it gets, making it the perfect companion for sweatier practices and/or more intensive exercise regimes — you’ll never need a towel over your yoga mat again! It’s thick enough to keep your knees happy but light enough to take with you on the go.

    For maximum grip, lightly spray with water before beginning your practice. The more you sweat, the more you’ll grip, and the more stable and balanced you’ll feel. Prefer a dry practice? Simply mist the surface of your mat with a spray bottle to activate the grip.

    All of our unique artwork is created in-house by women with a feminist point of view or by guest artists. We don’t purchase designs from stock photo warehouses. You can be sure that every design is unique to us. And you can be sure you’ll have an eye-catching mat like no other!

    Want to learn more? Check out our Our Mat, Our Story, and FAQ pages!

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