Stash Happy - Organizing Your Embroidery Floss! - Happy Time Craftcast 15

In this episode of Happy Time Craftcast, I was thrilled to introduce Jenny White, the brilliant mind behind Lucky Jonquil. Jenny’s journey through the world of crafting is nothing short of fascinating. She started with knitting and crochet, transitioned to cross-stitch, and eventually found her niche in organizing crafting tools to make our crafting lives easier and more beautiful.   Jenny’s innovative spirit is truly inspiring. She began with pattern work but quickly realized her passion lay in creating functional and aesthetically pleasing organizational tools. You know that feeling when you buy all the crafting supplies and then have to...

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The Unstoppable Need To Create - Happy Time Craftcast 14

Hello, Craftonias! It's Joleen Emery from Big Raven Farm.  I've just wrapped up one of the most energizing episodes of the Happy Time Craftcast this week, featuring the wonderfully talented Lacey Walker. If you haven't had the chance to listen yet, you're in for a treat. Lacey is not just a master of one craft; she's a jack-of-all-trades when it comes to creating, and she brought her whole toolkit of inspiration and tips to our latest chat! Lacey, known for her dynamic presence across various creative platforms—from watercolor painting and pottery to the intricate arts of silver smithing—joined me to discuss...

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The Wonderful World of Art Quilting - Happy Time Craftcast 13

Craftonians, I’m thrilled to share insights from a recent episode of Happy Time Craftcast entitled "The Wonderful World of Art Quilting" featuring an incredibly talented art quilter, Sondrasa. In our chat, Sondrasa opened up about her artistic journey, her current projects, and how she's making the beautiful art of quilting accessible to everyone. Discovering Art Quilting Art quilting, as Sondrasa beautifully explained, isn’t just about creating functional items but is a form of expressive art that integrates traditional quilting techniques with artistic concepts. This blend allows for a more personalized touch, making each quilt a unique piece of art. She...

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The Transformative Magic of Art Journaling with Suzanne Earley - Happy Time Craftcast 11

Craftonians! It’s me, Joleen, popping in to share some fun tidbits from a recent episode of the Happy Time Craftcast. Oh, what a delightful chat I had with Suzanne Early, the creative genius behind Strawberry Moon Magazine. We had such a fabulous time, and I just couldn’t wait to spill the beans with you all! Suzanne’s adventure from a school desk to the glossy pages of her own magazine is nothing short of inspiring. It’s like she took a magic carpet ride through the world of crafts, picking up bits of joy and creativity along the way. Her stories about...

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Clay Creations and the Love of Polymer with Michelle Butler - Happy Time Craftcast 10

Hello, Craftonians! I'm Joleen Emery, and I recently had the delightful opportunity to host Michelle Butler on my Happy Time Craftcast. Michelle is not just a friend but an extraordinary polymer clay artist who has turned her passion into a flourishing business called Meeshmade. Let me take you through the vibrant journey we discussed  during our latest episode. My Journey into Michelle's Artistic World In our conversation, Michelle unfolded her artistic journey with polymer clay, which began in 2020. Her transition from simple designs to intricate 3D creations is a testament to her evolution as an artist. It was fascinating to...

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