What Our Ravens Are Saying…

Bailey Banks


Holy Awesomesauce! Was introduced to this amazing company through @lyncewheat on Instagram. The yoga mat I received is brilliant in color and comfort. Couldn’t wait to use it. Soft to the touch, more cushion than I’ve experienced before, and incredible grip so I’m not sliding around my living room. Bless! (Source)

Cathy Niederkorn Koecheler


Love 💕my Big Raven mat! While I am doing virtual 🧚‍♀️workouts at home🏘 with (Yoga 4 You in Savage) I listen to others say they are trying to do their workouts without their mats, because their mats move on there carpet at home, but not my Big Raven Yoga mat! That is only one one reasons I love it. I got to pick out my own design from the hundreds they have to pick from (that took longer than it took to actually get my mat). It is longer and thicker than most mats. They are made locally; support a local business! And many other reasons. Thank you 🤗Big Raven Yoga! (Source)

Jana Reed


I’m big on reviews and had to post. I’m new to yoga and for past few months I was using an older mat that I was ‘slipping’ on. So I started looking for a new mat, I asked in a yoga FB group that took me to some bigger names of mats. I knew I wanted one that you could use right away without having to break it in. In a different FB mom group a woman showed me her mat from Big Raven Yoga, she had the black one with the check off boxes of this, me, you, that. And loved it😄 I went to their website and I saw the Spectacular View yoga mat and it was LOVE at first sight. I let that fb friend know I found one that was just beautiful but as a girl I kept looking. I read reviews and researched mats for about another month. And y’all know what I ordered 😜 the spectacular view mat. It’s everything I wanted in a mat. It’s grippy, just enough cushion, and fits me. I also love how the sunset almost changes by the end of my workout. Love my mat❤️ (Source)

Stephanie Luger


Shoutout to @bigravenyoga for working with me over the past few months to make a custom yoga mat for @marleyrose_r - it turned out perfectly!! 📸 (Source)

Nicki Lemmon


My new custom yoga mat... my favorite colors, beach inspired, my goals on the leaves AND a message from my mom with her handwriting “Love you Nicki more than you know”. My mom. 😢 Her love has always given me freedom and strength to be me, do me and I’m forever inspired. 💛 Thank you @bigravenyoga & Joleen -This mat has changed my life and truly been a part of my healing.💛💛💛 (Source)

Sonja Meyer


Finding the perfect mat, that is a challenge for many yogi. Thickness, material, construction, and grip are major considerations. I have many mats I love, but my new favorite are from @bigravenyoga! (Source)

Haley Krehbiel


I know that I have talked about @bigravenyoga before, but I just received my mat! I met Joleen, the founder of Big Raven Yoga at MYC this year. She is a beautiful soul and her mats are incredible! I couldn’t get this little wild flower gem out of my head so I had to get one ordered. Of course Joleen goes above and beyond, every order comes with a hand written letter, it just made my day! Keep it up Joleen, you are making the world a better place. (Source)

Kate Homan


I can’t rant enough about my new yoga mat from Big Raven Yoga. Every mat has beautiful custom artwork that speaks to every soul- this one certainly did for me. Not only did I choose this mat because it’s beautiful and completely my style- the artwork itself assists me in alignment for balance and strength. It’s also wonderfully comfortable for all yoga practices. I was able to bring my mat along with me to the serene boundary waters- and I’ve never felt more connected during my practice. The cool thing with this mat is that if I do get it a little dirty from getting one with nature- I can stick it in the wash and hang it out to dry! I 100% recommend this mat to any serious or even beginner yogi- this mat will be my constant yoga companion. #bigravenyoga @bigravenyoga (Source)

Emma Almeroth


Want a custom yoga mat for your yoga studio or company? Please check out @bigravenyoga These mats are phenomenal! High quality, soft and don’t slip when you sweat AND you can throw them in the wash! Joleen is the sweetest, most passionate yogi and artist I know! It was so fun to work with her on this project! (Source)

Jessica Hoch


I am so loving my new yoga mat from Big Raven Yoga! It is such eye candy when I’m in my happy place. Not to mention how functional it is! The grip is great, it’s super soft and provides cushion. Love love love 💜💜💜 (Source)

Jody Vallee Smith


I purchased Big Raven yoga mats for my mom and sister-in-law for Christmas. I spent hours looking at all the beautiful designs and putting thought into each one. Then I came across a mat that felt like it was meant for me- so now it is my driving reason to go to yoga. First of all, I don’t have to take my yoga towel because it’s built into my mat. But truly my heart is happy while I’m looking at my mat in all my different poses. The mat I chose has a quote about being a women determined to feel comfortable in her own skin and I repeat that mantra over and over during class. As someone who is touched by beautiful design, I could not be happier with the beauty and function of this mat. It exceeded my expectations tenfold. Thank you Joleen for putting your work in the world. ❤️❤️ (Source)

Jessica Riser


my customized mat, symbols of remembrance, is BEAUTIFUL. i am so, so happy with out it turned out!! it is soft, stable, sticky, and PERFECT. i’m completely in love. (Source)

Linette Plath Piercy


❤️❤️❤️ my mat, from the beautiful packaging to the personal customer service, to the mat itself! Besides being the best mat I have ever used, it’s absolutely gorgeous to look at! Definitely worth every penny! You should sell custom frames for the wall to hold the mat when it’s not in use😁 (Source)

Jessica Riser


oh, don’t mind me.. i’ll just be over here stalking the postal workers daily until my mat arrives 🙃🧘🏻‍♀️ (Source)

Danielle Nitz


HOLY 🔥🔥🔥 our personalized Big Raven Yoga mat is HEAVEN. 👑👑👑 (Source)

Heartwarming Ham


One of my favorite places to lay on a sunny afternoon ☀️🐾 (Source)

Meghan Joy


The Earth Laughs in Flowers from @bigravenyoga. 😍 (Source)

Brittany Runck


these yoga mats are AMAZING!!!!!! (Source)

Danielle Nitz


@bigravenyoga has the best artists, hearts, & visionaries...ever! (Source)

Sarah Herrington


I LOVE my Big Raven Yoga mat! It’s GORGEOUS~~ a work of art + super durable for daily practice. xxxx. (Source)

Cristina Romganoli


Completely in love with my new #BigRavenYoga Phases of the Moon mat 🌔🌓🌕🌗🌖 and how serendipitous it should arrive during the new moon 🌑! Unboxed it to such a lovely note from the owner @joleenemery and turns out I’m the FIRST to have this design 😍 The feel of the microfiber “suede” texture was divine and during my 80 min hot class — NO slipping and NO towel! Seriously 😲 (well, a hand towel for all the sweat on my face 😂😅) Looks great on the back of my #Honda too ❤️🏍️ vroom! (Source)

Rachel Schromen


I love, love, love my Chickadee mat! Seeing such beautiful art every I time I practice yoga is a beautiful gift. This is a very high quality mat (quite the upgrade from the one I had from Target!) and I love the extra cushion as I typically needed extra towels under my knees etc in certain poses. Thank you, Big Raven Yoga!! ♡ (Source)

Julie Legut


I’m in LOVE with my Big Raven mat so much and the personal service is absolutely outstanding!! (Source)

Christopher Walker


I got mine a few weeks ago and I LOVE it! Beautiful design and no more slipping. Vibrant, high-quality print, and I love that I can just throw it straight in the wash. Definitely looking forward to ordering more! 😁 (Source)

Macara Brachmann


Awesome mat for hot yoga. No need for extra towels! No slipping what so ever!!!👏👏👏Love the pattern choices, so many different options to choose from. (Source)

Lisa M. Bolt Simons


Here’s where function and beauty come together. This mat is perfect for its purpose—soft and grippy—but is like a piece of art. I’ve never seen anything like it. I appreciate it being washable, too. (Source)

Megan Ayotte


Not only is this mat gorgeous, but its the best mat I’ve ever used from a functional standpoint, too. It’s blanket-soft but also super “grippy”. I chose the “my own way” mat and just adore it. (Source)

Jack Denny


We have 2 in the house and absolutely love them. Very beautiful to look at and easy to workout/practice on. Highly recommend. 😄 (Source)

Laura Todd


If any yogis are looking to invest in a quality mat then check out Big Raven Yoga! They have the most gorgeous designs made by in house artists 💕 (Source)

Marie McCarthy


Good Morning...I just wanted to tell you. I used my mat @ Yoga last night for the first time, it was Terrific, and Everyone was raving about it. Thanks again. I Love, Love, Love my mat. (Source: Email)

Kathy Hamilton Habegger


I checked out Big Raven Yoga at first because I had worked with and respected the owner. But I quickly fell in love with my yoga mat which really brings me happiness. This mat is not only beautiful but also helps my practice with its cushiness and grips my feet so they don’t slip. Check out Big Raven Yoga and you will not be disappointed! My mat really does bring me happiness. It is so beautiful and it just makes me happy to look at it and use it! (Source)

Jody Smith


I just want to take a minute to tell you how GORGEOUS they are and the note you sent with them made my entire week. I bought 3 as gifts. One I gave to her yesterday and she about passed out she was so excited. The other 2 are xmas gifts and I cannot wait. Keep up the great work. I know myself and my friend will be spreading the word!!! Thanks again! (Source: Email)

Ethan Lamont


I bought this mat to replace the paper thin and boring mat I had been using. Let me tell you, I don’t regret my purchase AT ALL! The mat is super soft, absorbs my sweat, is grippy and functional…and beautiful. I’m all ‘Calgon, take me away!’ with this mat - the mat is my place to escape, relax and do nothing but enjoy my yoga, workout, and stretching… and I look forward to it with this mat! (Source: Email)

Lisa Spanjer


I love , love my yoga mat from Big Raven Yoga! It’s so beautiful and so comfortable for my practice. It washes beautifully in my machine, and I hang it up to dry. So happy 😀 with my purchase that I ordered a second one! (The Purpose of Life). (Source)

Gina Fink Kosek


New yoga mat from bigravenyoga made my Monday. 💗🙏🏻💗 #loveyourself #yogamat #yogaeveryday #yoga (Source)

Macara Brachman


My new @bigravenyoga mat arrived ✨✨perfect time to use for full 🌕moon ,sound bath Yin practice tonight✨ (Source)