Big Raven Yoga

Calm. Not Quiet. Yoga Mats for the Bold.

Calm. Not Quiet.
Yoga Mats for the Bold.
Calm. Not Quiet.
Yoga Mats for the Bold.

Beautiful Materials.
Beautiful Designs.

Yoga is the center of your life.
You deserve a great mat.

What Our Ravens Are Saying

  • “Completely in love with my new #BigRavenYoga Phases of the Moon mat 🌔🌓🌕🌗🌖 and how serendipitous it should arrive during the new moon 🌑! Unboxed it to such a lovely note from the owner @joleenemery and turns out I’m the FIRST to have this design 😍 The feel of the microfiber “suede” texture was divine and during my 80 min hot class — NO slipping and NO towel! Seriously 😲 (well, a hand towel for all the sweat on my face 😂😅) Looks great on the back of my #Honda too ❤️🏍️ vroom!”
    Christina Romagnoli
  • Gorgeous, striking designs. My mat doesn’t look like anyone else’s in the room.
    Dakota P.
  • Cleans up beautifully. I love the feel of the suede and the thick cushion. It looks as good as it did when I first bought it.
    Brianna T.
  • I own three different designs and I love them all! They’re quality mats in every way.
    Shaunté Q.
  • I practice yoga almost every day. It’s the center of my life. It was a splurge but I have no regrets — my mat is stunning & still looks great even after a year.
    Mary-Alice K.
  • No slipping on this mat! Plenty of grip and plenty of cushion. I love its feel and bright colors. No odor!
    Jade C.
  • I no longer need a separate towel on my mat — the suede doubles as the towel, and I can throw it in the wash when I’m done!
    Mariana G.
  • High quality mats that last forever and don’t put too much of a dent in your wallet.
    Don M.
  • It cleans easy, but takes a day or two to dry. So I bought a second mat, and now I always have a clean one. No regrets!
    Francine R.

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