Custom and Wholesale Yoga Mats!

We Do Custom Work!

We LOVE doing custom work for clients, and it’s grown into an important  and rewarding part of our business. While most yoga mat vendors maintain a large inventory of designs printed in China and then shipped to the US, we maintain a large inventory of blank yoga mats and print on demand right here in Minneapolis. This allows us to be very agile, we can design in a way that is appealing to lots of different artistic preferences.

We LOVE designing and yoga mats are the perfect destination for our functional art.  We actually end up creating more designs than we could ever possibly put on our website at once, so custom work gives us another creative outlet to put digital pencil to digital paper and start designing just for YOU.

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Yoga and Fitness Studios

We’ve created custom designs for studios and gyms all across the country. Some have provided finished, print-ready artwork that they wanted to see on our luxury yoga mats, but most have worked with us to create a custom design incorporating their colors, design elements and logos. Some studios have created custom mats for their members to use in-studio, while others have used them as contest give-aways, and others resell them in their retail spaces. We’d love to work with you to create a design that fits your studio’s brand! And given that our mats are machine washable--they are a perfect solution for sharing with multiple users.

Yoga Teachers

We’ve worked with numerous yoga teachers who have built — or are in the process of building — their own brand and their own following. Practicing on a custom yoga mat in front of a room full of yogis is a great way to advertise yourself and your budding personal brand (to say nothing of reselling them to your yogis to help your community stay connected to you)

Yoga Practitioners

Most yogis are more than satisfied with our boutique designs, but occasionally customers contact us for a truly one of a kind yoga mat. Sometimes the change is as minor as a color swap on an existing design, other times they’re looking for an entirely different design. We’re completely happy to work with you to create a design that is utterly unique to YOU!

Yoga Festivals

We can create a custom yoga mat and then offer wholesale pricing depending on how many mats you need. Unify your community with a logo, phrase, mantra, or intention. If you don't have artwork--we can help. 

Resorts & Spas

There is a current trend to offer guests a yoga mat to use and while this is a wonderful gesture there is great skepticism among the public that these mats are actually clean. With our machine washable yoga mats you can provide your guests with a clean mat that will stand up to multiple users and frequent washing. We also have resorts and spas excited to sell their own branded yoga mats in their gift shops. 

Corporate Retreats

When you're looking to get everyone on the same page and pointed in the right direction a yoga mat with your vision, goals, or mantra is a great way to keep your intentions top of mind. We have yogis who put their yearly goals on their mats--small enough so that only they can see them--but close enough so they can be reminded of their intentions daily. Your team will literally be injected with happiness at receiving one of our mats instead of more  traditional give-away items. We've seen teams jump up and down and go a little bananas for their bosses and their jobs. 

Bridal Parties

We saw a niche that needed to be filled — high-quality bridesmaids gifts. Something other than the traditional robe or makeup basket or piece of jewelry. NOT that there’s anything wrong with those! But we kept getting questions from blushing brides (and bridesmaids hoping for an awesome gift!) at our various pop-up booths asking if we could make yoga mats for an entire bridal party. They really loved our mats and thought their yogi friends would love them too, and it wouldn’t it be cool to have something that was both beautiful AND useful to remember their special day together?

So if you’re a yogi AND you’re getting married soon AND you’re looking for an incredibly awesome bridal gift for your wedding party, simply reach out to us. We’ll happily work with you to create a design that’s just for you, one that even incorporates your wedding colors and your bouquet flowers into the design. We promise to make this easy and painless!

You can read more about our amazing bridal mats here!


Do your employees and clients really need another canvas tote bag or t-shirt? Wouldn’t it be cool to hand out something really special like a Big Raven yoga mat as an incentive, reward or contest prize? We’ve even worked on a very large scale with high-end festivals and adventure races to create amazing designs tailored to their event!


Because we print on demand, it’s easy for us to monogram your yoga mat so no one can accidentally walk off with it! (This happened to us once, which is how this whole boutique yoga mat business got started in the first place.)


We’ve even designed mats to memorialize names and dates that are important in our yogis' lives. We’re happy to work with you to create a yoga mat that helps you focus your intentions during your practice.

About Our Mats

Our premium microfiber suede yoga mats are soft, luxurious, machine-washable, colorfast and artistic. We believe they’re the absolute best yoga mats on the market and will stand the test of time.

You can read more about our mats, see all of our currently available designs, and read more about our custom bridal mats. We really look forward to working with you!