The Ultimate Yoga Sequence for Weight Loss

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Our free 90-page guide works in two ways: If you are more visual and don’t need the prompts, simply follow the easy-to-use grid on the first 9 pages. This will take you from pose to pose at a glance. However, if you would like a more detailed explanation of how you move from one pose to the next, the remaining pages take you through all of the cues for deepening each pose and getting as much out of each sequence as possible.

Yoga is a phenomenal way to get in touch with your body. But like most skills, learning how to connect with your body takes practice. It’s about learning to listen. Your body is 100% on your side when it comes to nutrition, weight loss, and exercise. Your body has a vested interest in your health, after all!

Traditional yoga is based on breathing techniques paired with static poses, while “power yoga” combines meditative breathing with faster, more active movements which are aerobic and lead to weight loss (while also avoiding the stresses on the body incurred during activities like running). With any weight-loss initiative, results only occur when you burn more calories than you consume.

This sequence can best be described as “power vinyasa”. As you move through the poses, be mindful of being “active”: Engage your muscles, fire up your core — build heat, match your breath to your movements, and find your edge (and if possible, even push just a bit beyond).

And remember to dial down the negative self-talk, love the body you’re in today, and always remember that your worth, your value, comes from the inside.


— Joleen