Joleen Emery Launches Wildly Creative and Wonderfully Unique Craft Club

Social media influencers and digital creators have taken the world by storm over the last decade. These individuals have found a way to leverage their online presence to create meaningful connections with their followers and monetize their content. Joleen Emery, a rising star in the world of social media, is no exception. She recently launched a craft club that is both creative and unique, attracting a lot of attention from her fans. Joleen Emery is a social media influencer and digital creator with a passion for all things creative. Her online presence has gained her a large following on various...

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Mommy & Me Yoga

My mom is Joleen Emery, Founder and CEO of Big Raven Yoga. She is a yoga mom. She is leggings everyday...wanna go to yoga with me... take a deep breath...you are worthy just as you (no changes required) kind of mom. Joleen's Dancer Pose (Pacific Coast) My mom has been practicing yoga since before I was born. We call her "yoga obsessed" behind her back and to her face. When we were growing up, her idea of a great afternoon would be taking all of us to a community yoga class or going on a hike and then suggest we...

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Announcing The Lucy Collection at Big Raven Yoga! A Beautiful Collaboration between Lucy Penfield & Joleen Emery benefiting Design for a Difference

Lucy Penfield has been practicing yoga since 1991—Hatha Yoga is her favorite type of practice because it helps her to “center her crazy energy.” She is also a mom, wife, business owner, and something of a celebrity here in Minnesota — and certainly elsewhere — although she’s much too humble to let on or admit it. She is well regarded, valued, and admired as a business leader and visionary. I’ve been a Lucy fan for quite some time, so when I saw her yoga mat order come through our system — I had something of a fangirl sized stroke. Lucy’s...

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Funky, Colorful, & Whimsical Art with Guest Artist Samm Wehman

I am so excited to tell you about Samm Wehman—like so excited as I type, my fingers can’t keep up with my thoughts. Samm is light and energy—she radiates a warmth that you want to be near. She communicates in such a way that you actually see color—she is vibrant, bold, and has a soul filled full of passion. Characteristics that are made evident through her colorful, whimsical and funky art especially her Rainbow Monarch design in our Guest Artist Collection. Rainbow Monarch by Samm Wehman Rainbow Monarch Samm is an animal loving artist from Gainesville, Florida—her biggest passions are...

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Artistic Yoga Mats: Colorful, Bold, & Unique by Katie Cleveland

Katie Cleveland, a Fine Art painter living in Denver, is generous, thoughtful, delightful to spend time with, and so sweet you’ll never want your conversation with her to end. A self-described daredevil, Katie is most at home outdoors— snowboarding, hiking or enjoying a wide variety of adventures. Her art has deep rich pigment, abstract patterns and pathways, and evokes a sense of freedom—one without boundaries or judgement. Her designs in our Guest Artist Collection; Poppy, Inner Freedom, Sunlight, and Let Go are so unique—vibrant—unguarded and compelling. Poppy Inner Freedom Sunlight Let Go Originally from Washington D.C Katie loves yoga, art, and...

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