Funky, Colorful, & Whimsical Art with Guest Artist Samm Wehman

I am so excited to tell you about Samm Wehman—like so excited as I type, my fingers can’t keep up with my thoughts. Samm is light and energy—she radiates a warmth that you want to be near. She communicates in such a way that you actually see color—she is vibrant, bold, and has a soul filled full of passion. Characteristics that are made evident through her colorful, whimsical and funky art especially her Rainbow Monarch design in our Guest Artist Collection. Rainbow Monarch by Samm Wehman Rainbow Monarch Samm is an animal loving artist from Gainesville, Florida—her biggest passions are...

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Deaf Artist Emily LaVelle - Joins the Guest Artist Team at Big Raven Yoga

Do you ever have a conversation with someone you’ve just met and feel forever changed when you say goodbye? I had one of those recently and can’t stop thinking about it… or the person on the other side. Emily LaVelle is a Deaf artist from Northern California—she is wildly talented, incredibly joyful, wonderfully insightful, and a treasure to spend time with. Emily is a new Guest Artist at Big Raven Yoga and we are really excited to welcome her to our little family. Her first addition to our collection is Fog in Yosemite the design is peaceful, balanced, detailed, and...

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Artistic Yoga Mats: Colorful, Bold, & Unique by Katie Cleveland

Katie Cleveland, a Fine Art painter living in Denver, is generous, thoughtful, delightful to spend time with, and so sweet you’ll never want your conversation with her to end. A self-described daredevil, Katie is most at home outdoors— snowboarding, hiking or enjoying a wide variety of adventures. Her art has deep rich pigment, abstract patterns and pathways, and evokes a sense of freedom—one without boundaries or judgement. Her designs in our Guest Artist Collection; Poppy, Inner Freedom, Sunlight, and Let Go are so unique—vibrant—unguarded and compelling. Poppy Inner Freedom Sunlight Let Go Originally from Washington D.C Katie loves yoga, art, and...

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Best Overnight Oats—Simple & Satisfying Recipes to Try

Overnight oats are a big thing in our home—our refrigerator always has mason jars full of this grab and go breakfast/snack. Overnight oats pack a wallop with regard to calorie density and fill you up power.

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Beverage Options: When plain water bores you to tears!

In our family, we are split right down the middle when it comes to what we grab to quench our thirst. Hannah, Georgie, and I typically only reach for water—and the fellas Darin, Jack, and Charlie like an occasional diet soda, iced coffee, or jumbo glass of juice.  Honestly, I'm tempted sometimes by their flavors and options but—every time I get a soda or anything other than water I don't like it. It's too sweet or tastes like chemicals, or is just kinda yuck.So the girls and I have been playing around with infused water options. Also known as detox water...

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