Design Highlights: Divine Chakras + Sapphire & Opal

With June beginning to draw to a close, we thought we should highlight two designs from our June Collection before they disappear at the beginning of July: Divine Chakras, and Sapphire & Opal. Divine Chakras was designed for those of you clamoring for a more traditional yoga-inspired mat. Something a bit more Buddha-like, featuring more traditional yogic elements like chakras. Of course, this being June, and therefore gay pride month, we gave it a splash of rainbow and went with a slightly more feminine spin on the traditional image of Siddhartha Gautama. (We’d like to think he’d be pleased with...

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We Love Sonja Meyer!

This is the tenth (tenth!) in our ongoing series celebrating our happy customers. This week we’re profiling Sonja Meyer, the “Uprooted Yogi”. Her husband of 20 years passed away this past September, leaving her as a single mom of two adult and two teenage children. During this difficult time, the camaraderie of her fellow students has been instrumental in her healing and spiritual growth.It is our honor to highlight this very special woman and yoga lover. QTell us a little bit about yourself… AI am going through an amazing journey of self discovery right now. My husband of 20 years passed...

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Design Highlight: PRIDE in You

This week’s Design Highlight is all about June being Pride Month for the LGBTQ community. My son, Jack, is gay, and came out when he was 14. I was so proud of him for being exactly who he is --exactly the way he was made. That in turn, set off a long chain of events which has led me to where I am today… Once he came out to the world, life became very difficult for him in small-town Minnesota. He’s handsome and muscular was well-liked and — in his own words: “You’d never know I'm gay except that I like dudes”. Nevertheless,...

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Guest Artist: Pete Taboada

This is the FIRST in our (upcoming) Guest Artist series. This week we’re profiling Pete Taboada! After finding that his previous work as a graphic designer wasn't satisfying his creative soul, Pete Taboada became Pete Taboada: Visionary Spiritual Artist. He now uses art and creativity to inspire, transform, and elevate both awareness and emotion. We couldn't have asked for a better artist to work with on our first collaboration! His design, Wings of Rebirth, was our Design Highlight this week, but we wanted to learn more about the artist himself.  Check out our Q&A session below!   QWhat should we call...

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Design Highlight: Father’s Day Trio

In honor of Father’s Day this coming Sunday, our Design Highlight(s) of the week are three of our more masculine designs (or at least more gender-neutral designs). One is an oldie-but-a-goodie that we’ve included in our June 2019 collection (Behold the Summit), one is a design from our Compassion Collection that we’ve actually highlighted before (Terry in His Heartland), and the last is absolutely brand-new and just days old (Inhale the Future). Behold the Summit is one of our earliest designs from our original collection of yoga mats that we released more than a year ago. (Hard to believe it’s...

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