By Joleen

Design Highlight: Born In the Moonlight

This week’s design highlight is one of our three new designs for July 2019: Born In the Moonlight. It’s another in our often-used sun/moon/stars theme. We have so many of these because one of our designers, Karla, spends every moment she can outdoors, under the sky, camping, surfing, cooking out on the beach, and the night sky is her muse. The description for this mat, on the other hand, was written by our very talented Bri Traquair, who’s probably the most slyly hilarious member of our team: If you believe in old superstitions, you might think that being “Born in...

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Top 10 Reasons Yoga Is the Fountain of Youth

AKA, “How Yoga Keeps You Looking Young AF” 1. Flexibility Flexible bodies are often equated with youth. Most children are naturally pliable. As we age, we fall less and brace more and in doing so we become less agile and less supple. Flexibility leads to better blood flow, fewer injuries and, counterintuitively, more muscle tone. 2. Strength When you hold a posture long after your mind has told you to give up you will get stronger. Yoga builds physical strength by lengthening muscles, increasing the range of movement across joints, and relieving both physical tension and stress, all of which...

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We Love Haley Krehbiel!

This is the 13th(!) in our ongoing series celebrating our happy customers. This week we’re profiling Haley Krehbiel, who we first met at a local yoga conference here in Minneapolis. Haley is a sweet SWEET loving soul and it’s our honor to feature her as our yogi highlight this week. Haley has drive, ambition, lots and lots of creativity, and a willingness to adventure and experience new things — she is what many would call a “go-getter”. She is also a tender-hearted listener, someone willing to be present without giving advice or having all the answers. She practices being present — being right...

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Design Highlight: Hey There Chickadee

It’s full summer her in Minneapolis (finally!) and our back yard has recently been inundated with black-capped chickadees, so it seems only fitting that this week’s Design Highlight be our very own Hey There Chickadee yoga mat. This fun little scherzo was designed by our daughter, Hannah. Hannah recently graduated from college in California and now works as a screenwriter, among other things (such as being one of our chief graphic designers and the manager of our social media accounts — hey there, Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest, and you too, Twitter and YouTube! This has been a long-time favorite of mine....

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We Love Lori Spiralke!

This is the twelfth in our ongoing series celebrating our happy customers. This week we’re profiling Lori Spiralke, whose photos by the lake naturally made us think of the 4th of July here in Minnesota. She said the Big Raven Yoga mat she selected, Water, Wind, Fire & Earth, drew her in simply because of its vivid, vibrant colors. Thank you so much, Lori, for being such a friend and fan of Big Raven Yoga — we feel the same about you! QTell us a little bit about yourself… AI’m a free spirit who’s always trying to fulfill my life’s purpose. I...

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