By Joleen

A Gentle Yoga Sequence for Great Sleep

Welcome, dear readers, to a tranquil journey towards restful nights and rejuvenating sleep. In the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, it's essential to carve out a moment for self-care. What better way to unwind than with a soothing yoga sequence designed to prepare your body and mind for a night of deep, restorative sleep?  So, roll out your Big Raven yoga mat, slip into your comfiest yoga attire–or PJ’s and let's embark on this gentle adventure together. Child's Pose (Balasana): Begin in a comfortable seated position, then gently lower your torso forward, extending your arms in front of...

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Crafting Isn't Just for Artists: How to Tap Into Your Creative Potential

Crafting for Everyone The idea that crafting is exclusively for artists or creatives is a common misconception. In reality, crafting is about creativity and personal expression, which we all possess in some form. Paper crafting, in particular, is a wonderful starting point. It’s simple, requires minimal tools, and the results can be stunning. I’ve met many who started their crafting journey later in life, finding a newfound passion and a community of like-minded individuals. Here’s the best part: there is no ‘right’ way to do any of it.  Embrace the imperfections in your creations – they add character and uniqueness....

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Reconnecting with Nature: Unlocking the Power of a Transformative Retreat

There's something to be said for getting away from it all, even if it's just for a few days. And while a retreat might seem like a luxury, the peace and tranquility of nature can be a powerful force in your life — one that leaves you more grounded and refreshed than ever before. Here are several reasons why it's a great idea to immerse yourself in the beauty of nature: Restoration and Reconnection: Nature has a unique ability to restore and replenish our energy levels. Stepping away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and immersing yourself in...

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Weekend Craft Retreats at Big Raven Farm

Are you looking for a rejuvenating escape from the chaos and constant running of everyday life? If you're a craft enthusiast or simply want to unwind in a serene countryside setting, we have the perfect solution for you! Join respected social media influencer Joleen Emery for a blissful 4-day, 3-night Craft Retreat at the picturesque Big Raven Farm in Spring Grove, MN. Get ready to embark on a soul-nurturing adventure filled with creativity, relaxation, and farm-to-table delights! Discover Your Oasis at Big Raven Farm:Located amidst the idyllic landscapes of Spring Grove, MN, Big Raven Farm provides the perfect setting for an enchanting...

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Best Weekend Getaway Idea for Craft Lovers

Escape to Big Raven Farm, where craft lovers find solace and inspiration. Immerse yourself in a weekend craft retreat that offers relaxation, learning, and the company of fellow artisans. Led by the talented craft influencer Joleen Emery, you'll uncover new creative possibilities and delve into a variety of craft mediums. Whether you're a novice or a seasoned crafter, Joleen's teaching style will guide you every step of the way. Join Cynthia Laing, who praised Joleen's delightful presentation and inclusive approach. Xenia B. couldn't help but describe Joleen as the coolest instructor, bringing fun and new techniques to the class. Engage in an interactive experience where you'll learn, laugh, and bond with other craft enthusiasts. At Big Raven Farm, crafting becomes a shared adventure, as friendships are formed and memories are made. Nestled in the breathtaking Driftless Region, our charming country estate offers a haven for relaxation. Enjoy luxurious accommodations, mouthwatering meals prepared by our in-house chef, and a nurturing environment that will leave you feeling refreshed and inspired. Unleash your creativity, discover new skills, and indulge in a weekend getaway that nourishes your craft-loving soul.

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