Why We Hide Our Logo

For the past 15 years my yoga mat has become the place where I can freely express myself. It serves as my foundation. It’s the geographic boundary inside of which I can stretch my mind — and body, literally — and practice being deliberate and non-judgmental.

However, I’ve found myself becoming increasingly distracted by labels and logos on the mats of fellow yogis. I find myself snapping to quick judgements about how much this or that cost, wondering why people waste their money on low-quality mats, or even noticing something unique and new and wondering where they got it…versus focusing on letting go of my judgements and turning my attention inward. I am working on changing that.

Al Hirschfeld, a long-time illustrator for the New York Times, became famous for hiding his daughter’s name, NINA, in capital letters in almost every one of his instantly recognizable caricatures. With Al as our muse, we decided to follow suit.

If you look long enough, you’ll find our name seamlessly woven into the original artwork on each and every one of our mats. I invite you to spend some time getting to know our mats — our artists have enjoyed hiding BIG RAVEN in all sorts of creative places, and we hope you get as much of a kick out of finding them as they did hiding them. 

Our goal at Big Raven Yoga is to create beautiful, inspiring mats that support your practice and remind you to enjoy this journey of self-discovery, and as such we value focus over labels and logos.

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