Best Overnight Oats—Simple & Satisfying Recipes to Try

Overnight oats are a big thing in our home—our refrigerator always has mason jars full of this grab and go breakfast/snack. Overnight oats pack a wallop with regard to calorie density and fill you up power.

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The 5 Best No-Guilt Chocolate Brownies for Any Valentine

I love chocolate and peanut butter. I love chocolate and popcorn. I love chocolate and pretzels. I love chocolate and crackers. (Anyone else see a pattern in my chocolate-ing?) Sweet and salty gets me every time. I subscribe to a number of nutritional “rules” Everything in moderation… AND When I overindulge there is always tomorrow to make it right. AND If there is a healthier alternative — it’s certainly worth exploring… it may not be the winner but it’s worth a looky-look. And that’s what this list is… Here are five healthier alternatives that still check the ol’ “Chocolate is My...

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