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Top 10: Poses for Scorpios

This lunar month we’re all about the Zodiac symbol Scorpio (October 23–November 21)! Scorpios are instinctive, loyal, and operate most often with a gut feeling. Scorpios are honest, straightforward, bold, and fearless. (If this sounds like you — or someone you know! — check out our Scorpio yoga mat!) The poses below ignite that Scorpio energy and demonstrate their wisdom and strength. Even if you’re not a Scorpio, however, these poses can still challenge you and help you dissipate some of that energy when you’re feeling stressed or angsty or unfocused. We’ve still got a full week left of the Month of...

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Top 10: Yoga Poses for Desk Jobs

Have you heard that sitting is the new smoking? Not nearly as stinky yet thought to be the new big concern in overall health. According to the Washington Post, American adults sit an average of 6-½ hours a day. For many of us, our work life centers around computers and we tend to stay in the same position far longer than we should. If you feel your shoulders rounding, heaviness in your head, pressure in your lower back, or a general feeling of rounded-down and hunched forward try these ten poses. Some may be difficult to do in the middle...

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Top 10: Ways to Feel Better on Social Media

“With great power comes great responsibility.” ~ Benjamin Franklin Parker Social media is pervasive. In the past 10 years, it has come to dominate nearly every aspect of both public and private discourse. The power of its influence is impossible to quantify, or to deny. Unfortunately, as we’ve seen all too often in arenas ranging from middle school bullying all the way up to Presidential tweeting, not all of that power is used wisely or for good. With the list below, we’re hoping to provide some strategies to help you cope with our daily social media onslaught. Perhaps not all...

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Top 10: Poses for Libras

Juuuust under the wire… Libra (September 23 – October 22) is symbolized in the Zodiac by balanced scales. The world is a better place for having lots and lots of Libras. Libras are kind and gentle, they love beauty, symmetry, harmony, and peace. Libras are tactful, fair, just, charming, diplomatic, romantic, and balanced. They love taking care of the people they love. Being loved by a Libra is the greatest love you can find because they are fiercely loyal, passionate, and giving. Libras are amazing conversationalists and are passionate about life-long learning. Libras excel in the social graces department. They are...

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Top 10: Manners for Yogis

The Yogi Top 10 is a new weekly feature here at Big Raven Yoga. Every week you can expect to see yoga, healthy living, and conversation starters. This week we’re discussing good yoga manners. If you’re new to yoga you might not know these yoga class norms and expectations — if you've been practicing yoga for a while you might assume everyone knows this stuff. So here’s our take on yogi manners. Happy customer Riley Gerlinger arriving early! 1. Arrive to class early. Rushing affects the vibe — and you’ve got to stuff to do. You need to store your shoes and find a place for...

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