Yogi Highlights

Denise Griffin’s Watercolor Art

A Playful Journey to Honorable Celebrations Through her art guest artist Denise Griffin takes you on a magical journey, one that brings joy, eases thoughts of stress and worry, and evokes emotions of happiness, tranquility, and playfulness. Each one of her whimsical watercolors tells a unique story — one where you can visualize yourself on a journey through a brightly colored story-scape humming along with birds, admiring birch trees, and communing with nature. It’s a place where you want to do more than visit. It’s a place you want to live. Denise is a Fine Arts graduate who has been teaching art...

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We Love Jolene Anderson!

This week’s yogi highlight (our 27th!) is Jolene Anderson and we are thrilled to tell you a little bit more about this exceptional lover of travel and learning, cat enthusiast, and resilient survivor! I follow Jolene on social media and remember very well the day she posted a Dolly Parton meme that pays homage to our shared name! I can always count on Jolene to make me smile and to remind me to enjoy the daily things that make life grand. Here are just a few of the awesome things she posts: homemade pies, cute dogs, smart cats, exciting moments...

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We Love Whitney Greenwaldt!

This week’s yogi highlight (our 26th) is Whitney Greenwaldt, a logal Minnesota yoga teacher from Excelsior. Whitney has been teaching and inspiring her students to find confidence, compassion and love for themselves just like what yoga has done for her. Before finding her way to yoga, Whitney went through some tough times having experienced bad anxiety that crippled the way she lived her life. Her discovery of yoga was completely life changing. I've talked to a few of her students and they love her joyful disposition, her generous nature, and the abundance of love she shares with them. They told...

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Guest Artist & Yogi Highlight: Katsina Love

This week’s yogi highlight (our 25th) is Katsina Love, an artist, yoga teacher, dancer, and mom. We are so lucky Katsina found Big Raven Yoga and reached out to see if she could have us print a mat with her artwork. We were very happy to help her with her project and thrilled when she agreed to be a featured Guest Artist here at Big Raven Yoga. Her Lunar Geometry yoga mat design is very unique, the detail is exquisite and her artist’s purpose for this design make it rich and abundant. We love it! And we love Katsina too!!...

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We Love Sara Schultz!

This week’s yogi highlight (our 24th!) is Sara Schultz. Sara is sunshine — not just the brightness that comes from the sun, but its energy and brilliance too! Sara has contagious optimism and demonstrates full-bodied support for those around her. She is a serial entrepreneur and, like me, can come up with a million uses for a paperclip. Having a cup of coffee with her is magic — the ideas are like the sound of popcorn in the microwave when it really gets cooking! Sara’s disparate businesses are representative of her many talents: saraschultz.com (brand consulting), ThisFem™ (feminist apparel), and The Merry...

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