We Love Whitney Greenwaldt!

This week’s yogi highlight (our 26th) is Whitney Greenwaldt, a logal Minnesota yoga teacher from Excelsior. Whitney has been teaching and inspiring her students to find confidence, compassion and love for themselves just like what yoga has done for her. Before finding her way to yoga, Whitney went through some tough times having experienced bad anxiety that crippled the way she lived her life. Her discovery of yoga was completely life changing. I've talked to a few of her students and they love her joyful disposition, her generous nature, and the abundance of love she shares with them. They told me Whitney is sunshine--they feel enveloped in warmth whenever they are around her. We feel so lucky to have Whitney in our family of yoga lovers and enthusiasts!

― Joleen

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QTell us a little bit about yourself…

AI am a local yoga teacher in Excelsior and have been teaching yoga for 3 years! About 4 years ago I started experiencing pretty bad anxiety that began to cripple the way I could live my life. Discovering yoga was a complete life changer for me. My yoga journey has helped me gain so much confidence, compassion and love for myself that I couldn’t help but help others discover this for themselves as well!

QWhat kind of asana (yoga postures) do you practice?

ARestorative poses are my favorite!

QHow long have you been a yogi?

A4 years

QWhat role does yoga play in your life?

AYoga for me is about learning to love yourself. If you love yourself anything is possible

QDo you have a favorite pose?

APigeon pose.

QHave you ever had a “yoga moment” something happened during practice that you didn’t expect? Made you laugh, brought you joy, made you cry?

AWhen I'm on my mat I am connected to my intentions. This daily reminder has helped me navigate through my challenges and has made my life better. The Yoga moments happen for me--all the time.


QIs there a pose that used to be a “pillar pose” ― one that you were working toward ― that is now accessible to you?

ACrow pose!

QHow do you perceive the benefits of yoga? Do you think practicing yoga leads to greater happiness in life?


QDo you have your eyes fixed on any other Big Raven designs? If so, which one(s) and why?

ASymbols of Remembrance and Florals in Watercolor represent my favorite things--flowers

QDo people ask you about your mat?

AAbsolutely! I'm excited to be a Big Raven Yoga Ambassador because I love my mat and I get so many questions about it!

QIs there anything else that you’d like us to know that we might have missed?

AYoga is practice. It's the practice of allowing yourself space to breathe and give yourself kindness and compassion. Yoga is a practice--there is no right way--no wrong way-there's just practice.

Welcome to our family of yoga lovers and our community of people who feel honored to lift you up and shine a light on how wonderful you are!

(You can follow Whitney Greenwaldt on Instagram!)

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