COVID-19: Yoga, Better Sleep, Ideas on Boosting Immunity & Instant Happiness

If your news feed is anything like mine you’ve probably been bombarded in the recent days and weeks with information. So much information. Everything from tutorials on how to best wash your hands to suggestions and best practices for managing your stress.

It’s clear that most content creators have the best of intentions — and I appreciate that most folks have their heart in the right place. For me, it’s been a little overwhelming getting through the deluge of information.

Weeding through the Need to Know, Nice to Know, and the Fun to Know is a big job for those of us who already feel the state of the world right now is already “too much” or “waaay too much”. Many find themselves wishing for the “Enough Already” magic button we wish was a real thing to make this all stop.

I’ve recently figured out that I don’t feel the best if I consume too much information from any one of those categories. Too much of the harsh reality leaves me feeling unwell and too many cute animal videos leave me feeling a little mushy brained.

I’ve learned over these past several weeks to practice balance with my online viewing, reading, and engaging.

When I’m done taking in a few of Need to Know/Nice to Know I reward myself with a few of the Fun to Knows.

I’m also the kind of content reader who prefers short consumable bites — a mini cupcake instead of a whole slice of a 5-layer cake.

The articles below have specific strategies, actions, and behaviors that I can implement. I crave what’s tangible so as soon as I’m done reading I know exactly what to do. They also follow my practice of balance — there are a few Need to Know/Nice to Knows and a few Fun to Knows.

I hope they will be of some use and comfort to you too.

How Yoga Can Help Your Current Stress

(From Yoga Journal)

Strategies to Promote Better Sleep in These Uncertain Times

(From Harvard Health)

17 Ways to Boost Hygiene & Immunity

(From Best Life Online)

Taking Care of Your Mental Health

(From Sweat Minnesota)

Instant Happiness Found Here with Helplessly Hoping

(From YouTube)

More Instant Happiness Found Here with an Oldie but a Goodie

(From YouTube)

One More Because it’s SOOOO CUTE and Guaranteed to Help you Feel Better

(From Instagram)


Please let me know if you’ve found other valuable articles — I appreciate the help of being pointed in the right direction!

— Joleen

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