We Love Rachel Schromen!

This is the 17th in our ongoing series highlighting our happy yogis. This week we’re profiling the incredible Rachel Schromen. Rachel is an impressive individual. She is remarkable at helping people make connections and discover opportunities. She is SO good at connecting people whose lives will be better for having been introduced to one another. She is an incredible listener and generous friend. Every time I talk with Rachel I leave the conversation with a little nugget — some food for thought — that I’m always grateful to have in my pocket. She is helpful, kind, thoughtful, funny and beautiful, both inside and...

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Design Highlight: Our Women Rock! Collection

Two weeks ago we introduced our new Zodiac Collection, last week we (re-)highlighted our Ragnar Collection, and this week we introduce yet another new collection: Our Women Rock! Collection. Like its sibling Ragnar collection, our Women Rock! collection is aimed at both yogis and runners (a group of athletes who probably need yoga more than any other.) Yoga is not just for “yogis” — it’s beneficial and complementary to nearly every athletic endeavor, but especially to runners. You might think “sure, I can see how doing yoga before a big race would loosen up a runner’s leg muscles”, but the importance...

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Top 10 Reasons Yoga Is the Fountain of Youth

AKA, “How Yoga Keeps You Looking Young AF” 1. Flexibility Flexible bodies are often equated with youth. Most children are naturally pliable. As we age, we fall less and brace more and in doing so we become less agile and less supple. Flexibility leads to better blood flow, fewer injuries and, counterintuitively, more muscle tone. 2. Strength When you hold a posture long after your mind has told you to give up you will get stronger. Yoga builds physical strength by lengthening muscles, increasing the range of movement across joints, and relieving both physical tension and stress, all of which...

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The Best Bridesmaid’s Gift!

I was cruising Pinterest recently and happened to notice there is not a lot of variety in what bridal couples can choose from when selecting gifts for their wedding party. Monogrammed robe? Um… that one has been done time and time and time again. While sweet, it’s probably safe to say it’s run its course. Matching necklace and earrings? A nice gesture — but jewelry to match one another isn’t the same as jewelry selected to say I care about you, right? A quick “personalized something” with free shipping from Amazon Prime? Oh boy. That solution screams, “I forgot and time...

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We Do Custom Work!

Hey, everyone — join me as I talk a bit about our ability to make customized and personalized yoga mats for studios and individuals! 

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