We Love Jolene Anderson!

This week’s yogi highlight (our 27th!) is Jolene Anderson and we are thrilled to tell you a little bit more about this exceptional lover of travel and learning, cat enthusiast, and resilient survivor! I follow Jolene on social media and remember very well the day she posted a Dolly Parton meme that pays homage to our shared name! I can always count on Jolene to make me smile and to remind me to enjoy the daily things that make life grand. Here are just a few of the awesome things she posts: homemade pies, cute dogs, smart cats, exciting moments...

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Wow! (updated January 10th we are back in stock!!)

Hi, friends. I’m Joleen Emery, owner of Big Raven Yoga. If you’re new to our site… Welcome. If you’re a returning friend — thank you so much for your support and love of Big Raven Yoga. We are so thankful and full of gratitude that you love what we’re up to. It has been a really exciting few weeks here at Big Raven. Just in case you’re not aware — we print all of our designs to order. Meaning: when you order a mat, we print it just for you. We don’t have a warehouse full of pre-printed mats waiting for a...

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We Do Custom Work!

Hey, everyone — join me as I talk a bit about our ability to make customized and personalized yoga mats for studios and individuals! 

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$100+ for a Yoga Mat?!

Here We Explain Our Pricing I'd like to explain why our mats cost what they do AND why you still need one even at that price… Our CEO, Joleen, on our Frida Kahlo She Brings It to the Canvas yoga mat and our 112-year-old maple floors… Unlike our competitors, we don’t crank out generic yoga mats by the thousands (or tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands). We’re a small, family-run business and we print each mat individually to order — custom made exclusively for you. We simply don’t have the same economies of scale as big- yoga brands or big-box retailers and,...

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Our Origin Story…

Hi there. My name is Joleen Emery, and I’m the founder and CEO of Big Raven Yoga. A lot of people have been asking me how Big Raven Yoga came to be — what our “superhero origin story” is, if you will. Well…let me tell you a story… The first thing to know about me is that I. Am. A Yogi. And I have been for 15 years, both as a practitioner and as a teacher. My life is built around my yoga mat. It’s the foundation of my life. No matter what else is going on — work, travel, family — I...

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