We Love Priya Prashad!

This week’s yogi highlight (our 22nd!) is Priya Prashad. I met Priya at a Bridal expo last year where our donut mat caught her eye. How lucky for me that our Donut Worry Be Happy yoga mat is such a great conversation starter! Priya is kind, breathtakingly beautiful, and her thoughtful and sweet disposition radiate from her 1000-watt smile. We went to a yoga class together a few weeks ago and it was such an amazing gift to be able to spend time with her! She picked the class and it was a hybrid yoga/cardio experience. I can’t remember if...

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Top 10: Poses for Scorpios

This lunar month we’re all about the Zodiac symbol Scorpio (October 23–November 21)! Scorpios are instinctive, loyal, and operate most often with a gut feeling. Scorpios are honest, straightforward, bold, and fearless. (If this sounds like you — or someone you know! — check out our Scorpio yoga mat!) The poses below ignite that Scorpio energy and demonstrate their wisdom and strength. Even if you’re not a Scorpio, however, these poses can still challenge you and help you dissipate some of that energy when you’re feeling stressed or angsty or unfocused. We’ve still got a full week left of the Month of...

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Design Highlight: Moon Mats

This week we’re highlighting a whole passel of designs. A couple of weeks ago we were looking through our back catalog of yoga mat designs and noticed just how MANY of them featured or were named for the moon. A lot of this can be attributed to our most prolific designer, Karla, who loves being outdoors and laying on the beach under the night sky in her native Philippines, but I think it’s true that the moon seems to appeal to us yogis in general. As a result, all of the designs we’re highlighting this week are associated with the...

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We Do Custom Work!

Hey, everyone — join me as I talk a bit about our ability to make customized and personalized yoga mats for studios and individuals! 

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$100+ for a Yoga Mat?!

Here We Explain Our Pricing I'd like to explain why our mats cost what they do AND why you still need one even at that price… Our CEO, Joleen, on our Frida Kahlo She Brings It to the Canvas yoga mat and our 112-year-old maple floors… Unlike our competitors, we don’t crank out generic yoga mats by the thousands (or tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands). We’re a small, family-run business and we print each mat individually to order — custom made exclusively for you. We simply don’t have the same economies of scale as big- yoga brands or big-box retailers and,...

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