Wow! (updated January 10th we are back in stock!!)

Hi, friends. I’m Joleen Emery, owner of Big Raven Yoga. If you’re new to our site… Welcome.

If you’re a returning friend — thank you so much for your support and love of Big Raven Yoga. We are so thankful and full of gratitude that you love what we’re up to.

It has been a really exciting few weeks here at Big Raven.

Just in case you’re not aware — we print all of our designs to order. Meaning: when you order a mat, we print it just for you. We don’t have a warehouse full of pre-printed mats waiting for a new home. We print yours when you ask us to — the artwork goes into our print queue, we pull a blank yoga mat from our stack of inventory, and a few days later your freshly printed yoga mat lands on your porch.

This unique approach is what allows us to have so many designs and to create custom mats and do personalization.

Also, our second-ever Black Friday sale went really, REALLY well!

Like… so well that we are now temporarily out of stock of yoga mats.

The GOOD news is that we WILL have more blank mats in just a few weeks, and you can STILL place your order today and be first in line to have yours printed when our new stock arrives.

And if the unimaginable happens when the time comes, and you decide you no longer WANT one of our fabulously luxurious yoga mats, we will happily refund your deposit with no hard feelings. 

This huge rush of sales was such a sudden and delightful surprise for us — and I’m sorry it’s left you here at Big Raven Yoga doing a little online browsing only to find out we are temporarily out of stock.

I guess the other way to look at it is… other yogis REALLY love their Big Raven Yoga mats — they love them so much they bought up all we had :-(

Oh my gosh! Thank you, and how crazy exciting!!!

— Joleen

P.S. If you’re not ready to invest $10 today to hold your place in line, feel free to sign up for our email list down at the bottom of this page to be notified when our inventory is replenished!.

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