Yogi Highlights

We Love Debbie Pulone!

This is the third in our ongoing series celebrating our happy customers. In our continuing celebration of Earth Day, we’re profiling Debbie Pulone, the first to receive this week’s Design Highlight, Water, Wind, Fire & Earth (10% off this week only using the promo code WWFE10!) Debbie received her mat this past Christmas as a surprise from her amazing photographer husband, Joey. She’s a highly dedicated teacher, but when she’s not teaching she’s practicing yoga, and when she’s not practicing yoga, she’s running and raising money to cure blood cancers like leukemia, lymphoma, Hodgkin’s disease and myeloma. It’s fitting that a yogi with...

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We Love Lisa Spanjer!

This is the second in a series celebrating our happy customers. Lisa was our second customer (and the first to come back and order a second yoga mat from us). She’s been an incredible brand ambassador for Big Raven yoga mats. We’ve sold dozens and dozens of our mats around her home town of Cashmere, Washington, and her enthusiasm for what we do led to our first custom wholesale order, from the Mission Movement studio in Cashmere! You can read our first installment here, along with the reason we’re writing these profiles. Thank you so much, Lisa! QTell us a little bit about...

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We Love Kathy Hamilton Habegger!

This is the first in a series celebrating our happy customers. Bringing happiness into the lives of people is at the core of everything we do. Kathy’s purchase was a huge milestone for us because she was our very first customer. Since then, Kathy has been a supportive cheerleader and enthusiastic brand ambassador — and we are so very, very grateful. Connecting with our customers and learning about their lives and yogic journey helps us be a better company. When people like Kathy are so generous with their time and feedback it’s a tremendous value — one that we want to honor and celebrate....

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