Best Weekend Getaway Idea for Craft Lovers

If you are a craft lover and are looking for a relaxing weekend getaway idea, why not try a craft retreat at the breathtakingly beautiful Big Raven Farm? At a craft retreat, you can do what you love, enjoy the company of fellow craft lovers, and relax in our beautiful country estate.

Spending a weekend at a craft retreat is a great way to take care of yourself by doing what you love.

Whether you're a seasoned crafter or just getting started, spending a weekend at a craft retreat is a great way to indulge in your passion and just play. You'll have the opportunity to learn from craft influencer, Joleen Emery, shoot the sheet with other crafters, and dive into a range crafty mediums you might not have tried.

We offer craft retreats to suit a variety of interests and levels of experience. Craft Retreats at Big Raven Farm are organized by project. Search through what we have to offer and discover all of the amazing projects Joleen has prepared. If you are new to crafting–honestly no worries–Joleen is such a good teacher. Just take a look at what others have said about her teaching style. (Lyn insert three or four Joleen is a great teacher testimonials) 

❝Joleen's presentation was absolutely delightful.  Her wonderful sense of humor and generous laughter made the last few days very pleasant.  She included everyone in the chat and made me feel like I was sitting in her classroom,  Definitely a wonderful instructor.  Thank you.🙷 -- Cynthia Laing
❝Joleen has got to be the coolest instructor I have ever had.  She made the class so much fun!  I learned so many new things that I plan on putting forth in my hotel.🙷  -- Xenia B.
❝This was an awesome class! So interactive and Joleen was a superb trainer. It was so easy to see how fluent she is in the content and her delivery of the materials was very easy to follow and learn.🙷

No matter what your level of expertise, our craft retreats provide a supportive and welcoming environment for you to explore your creativity. And with the energy and excitement of others who share your interests, our craft retreats are so so so much fun!! 

Enjoy the company of fellow craft lovers

One of the best things about taking a craft workshop is enjoying the company of fellow craft lovers. There is nothing quite like being surrounded by people who share your passion for crafting. You will have ample opportunity to get to know your fellow crafters and make some new friends. We have some crafters who have made arrangements to attend more craft retreats together. 

And you know––sometimes crafting can be a very solitary activity, so it is always nice to have some companionship while you are working. At Big Raven Farm craft retreats you will be in such great company. You’ll laugh, you’ll learn, you’ll enjoy your time away. The joke at Big Raven Farm is that time moves differently here than anywhere else. You’ll walk through the doors, you’ll blink, and before you know it you’ll be packing up to head home. 

Relax at our charming country estate nestled on 10 acres in the breathtaking Driftless Region.


From the moment you walk through our doors you’ll be enveloped in comfort. Our guest rooms have been curated for your comfort with the luxurious linens, bedding and peaceful décor. Throughout your stay our in-house chef will surprise and delight you at all 8 meals. With fresh ingredients, whole foods and elevated menus we promise you will be nurtured and satisfied. You will sleep well, eat well, and be well taken care of–it’s an easy promise to make because you are guests in our home. 

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