We Love Lisa Spanjer!

This is the second in a series celebrating our happy customers. Lisa was our second customer (and the first to come back and order a second yoga mat from us). She’s been an incredible brand ambassador for Big Raven yoga mats. We’ve sold dozens and dozens of our mats around her home town of Cashmere, Washington, and her enthusiasm for what we do led to our first custom wholesale order, from the Mission Movement studio in Cashmere! You can read our first installment here, along with the reason we’re writing these profiles. Thank you so much, Lisa!

Full image of the 'Symbol of Loyalty' yoga mat Cropped image of the 'Symbol of Loyalty' yoga mat

QTell us a little bit about yourself. What keeps you busy off the mat?

AI’m married to my husband, Jon, and we have two grand babies who we adore (along with their parents, Ashley and David!). We have another daughter, Holly, married to Nathan who’s in the Air Force. We are Pear 🍐 Orchardists, and tending our large commercial orchard definitely keeps us busy!

QWhat kind of asanas do you practice?

AVinyasa and restorative are my favorites!

“Learning to slow down and breathe. Letting go of what no longer serves me.” ~ Lisa

QHow long have you been a yogi?

A6 years.

QWhat role does yoga play in your life?

AEvery aspect of my life, I think. Learning to slow down and breathe. Letting go of what no longer serves me.

QDo you have a favorite pose?

ABridge pose!

QHave you ever had a “yoga moment”, something that happened during practice that you didn’t expect? That made you laugh, brought you joy, made you cry?

AI’ve felt immense joy many, many times.

Yoga mat by the pool

QIs there a pose that used to be a “pillar pose” — one that you were working toward — that is now accessible to you?

AI’m still working on handstand!

QWhen you placed your order with Big Raven Yoga, what made you choose The Symbol of Loyalty? (Note: We’re not currently offering this mat on our site except by special request — Joleen.)

A I chose the one(s) that just made me feel happiest!

QDo people ask you about your mat?

AAll the time 😊

QDo you have your eyes fixed on any other Big Raven designs? If so, which one(s) and why?

AYes — a couple, lol!

Thank you so much, Lisa — we really appreciate you taking a few minutes out of your day to answer questions!

(Lisa purchased The Symbol of Loyalty, which we’re not currently offering on our site except as a special request by you, dear reader :-)

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