Yogi Highlights

We Love Brianna Baker!

This week’s yogi highlight (our 23rd!) is Brianna Baker, a law student in Brooklyn, New York. Brianna was the winner of the joint Simply Protein / Big Raven Yoga Giveaway back at the end of August. The winner received his or her choice of yoga mats from Big Raven Yoga, and luckily for us Brianna was the winner! Brianna is simply adorable, and she has amazing energy and ambition: She’s a vegetarian dancer law student who received her yoga teacher certificate at age 15 and now teaches fellow law students out of her apartment. She’s the real-life equivalent of my childhood...

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We Love Priya Prashad!

This week’s yogi highlight (our 22nd!) is Priya Prashad. I met Priya at a Bridal expo last year where our donut mat caught her eye. How lucky for me that our Donut Worry Be Happy yoga mat is such a great conversation starter! Priya is kind, breathtakingly beautiful, and her thoughtful and sweet disposition radiate from her 1000-watt smile. We went to a yoga class together a few weeks ago and it was such an amazing gift to be able to spend time with her! She picked the class and it was a hybrid yoga/cardio experience. I can’t remember if...

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We Love Lisa Martin!

This week’s yogi highlight (our 21st!) is Lisa Martin. Lisa is the kind of person you just can’t WAIT to talk to — she is optimism, joy, and effervescence all rolled into one tiny little package. She is a talented artist, a passionate lover of nature, and a person dedicated to sharing the wonders and beauty of her surroundings. One look at her artwork and you will be transported — her artwork is cathartic in the best sense of the word. Getting to know her better through our collaboration has been a wonderful gift — it is my pleasure to shine a little...

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We Love Stacy-Lee Holm!

This week’s yogi highlight (our 20th!) is Stacy-Lee Holm. Stacy-Lee first reached out to me asking about our assortment of ballerina designs. Back and forth we went talking about ballerinas, yoga, dancing, movement, our families… and through these conversations we discovered a friendship. Stacy-Lee is one of those people with contagious energy and optimism. She smiles when she talks, she listens with an open heart and an open mind and you can tell you’re being seen. When describing her yoga practice and her students she lights up. Stacy-Lee is the founder of Yoga Worship Movement. Her goal is to unite...

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We Love Kristine Jenson!

This week’s yogi highlight (our 19th!) is Kristine Jenson. I first met Kristine during a fitness-and-wellness event and luckily she kept in touch with us. Her first purchase was the first print of our Divine Chakras design (serial #1!). We stayed connected over the following months, and eventually our discussions rolled around to her passion project: donating to Children’s Hospital of Minnesota to honor her niece, Devon, as a part of her business, Jenson Natural Jewelry. I then offered to design a yoga mat we ended up calling Devon’s Heart to represent and honor Devon, her family, and the great...

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