Top 10: Poses for Libras

Juuuust under the wire…

Libra (September 23 – October 22) is symbolized in the Zodiac by balanced scales. The world is a better place for having lots and lots of Libras.

Libras are kind and gentle, they love beauty, symmetry, harmony, and peace.

Libras are tactful, fair, just, charming, diplomatic, romantic, and balanced. They love taking care of the people they love. Being loved by a Libra is the greatest love you can find because they are fiercely loyal, passionate, and giving.

Libras are amazing conversationalists and are passionate about life-long learning. Libras excel in the social graces department. They are very aware of others’ feelings and emotions, and as a result, they are very sensitive to the feelings of others.

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The following poses are great for Libras, or for anyone who wants to honor their inner Libra by practicing strength and balance postures:

  1. Pyramid Pose
    Customer Maria Markman on her Big Raven Say Goodnight, Gracie yoga mat!

    1. Pyramid

    • From High Lunge bring your back foot forward and square your hips, straighten both legs. Keep your back foot flat on the floor with your toes facing forward.
    • Round your spine and press your forehead toward your knee.
  2. Bow Pose
    Yogi Danielle Seldana on her Big Raven She Loves Me yoga mat!

    2. Bow

    • While on your stomach, exhale, bend your knees, and hold your ankles with your hands.
    • While inhaling, raise your thighs, head, and chest as high as possible.
  3. Chaturange Dandasana Pose
    Yogi Sarah Bose on her Big Raven Yoga Brand™ Minnesota yoga mat!

    3. Chaturanga Dandasana

    • From plank, use your tiptoes to shift forward, moving your shoulders in front of your wrists.
    • Lower to Chaturanga. Bend your elbows straight back, hugging them into the side of your body as you go.
    • Flip your feet so that the tops of your feet are on your mat.
    • Roll your shoulders back and visualize bringing your heart to the ceiling while bringing your shoulders out of your ears. Your head will naturally come backward, nose facing the sky.
  4. Handstand Pose
    Yogi Philippe Laurent on his Big Raven Gemini yoga mat!

    4. Handstand

    • If you’re new to handstand, start small and practice each step of the pose.
    • Face a wall and slowing climb your feet up the wall. Stick with this step while you learn how to exit without getting hurt. Find your way safely back down to the ground.
    • The closer your hands are to the wall the straighter you will be. But BE CAREFUL!
    • This is one of the best tutorials — it’s comprehensive for every level of yogi working on their handstand:
  5. Warrior II Pose
    Customer Sonja Meyer on her Big Raven Ragnar Run, Drive, Sleep Repeat yoga mat!

    5. Warrior II

    • Make a Five-Pointed Star and then turn your right toes to the right wall and then bend your right knee directly over your right ankle.
    • Turn your hips and shoulders towards the front as you reach through your fingertips
    • Sink your hips towards the floor while you reach the crown of your head toward the sky.
    • Let your shoulders sink and relax your back as you press your chest forward.
  6. Reverse Warrior Pose
    Daughter Georgia Denny on her Big Raven The Earth Laughs in Flowers yoga mat!

    6. Reverse Warrior

    • From Warrior II (with your right knee bent), bring your left hand down to rest on your left leg.
    • Inhale as you raise your right arm toward the ceiling, and reach your fingers away from each other.
    • Keeping your right knee bent, sink your hips toward the floor and relax your shoulders.
  7. Tree Pose
    Customer Debbie Pulone on her Big Raven Water, Wind, Fire & Earth yoga mat!

    7. Tree

    • From Mountain pose, shift your weight to your left foot.
    • Rest your hands on your hips and lengthen your tailbone toward the floor.
    • Find one focal point 3–5 feet in front of you.
    • Bring your right foot to rest either below your left knee, above your left knee, or tucked into your groin. Keep your right knee pressing toward the back of the room.
    • Bring your hands to heart center, above your head, or into a goalpost.
  8. Plank Pose
    Daughter and designer Hannah Warling on her Big Raven On the Shores of Cebu yoga mat!

    8. Plank

    • From tabletop, step your feet back, one at a time.
    • Maintain a straight line from your heels through the top of your head.
    • Keep your spine in alignment while looking down at the floor.
    • Tighten your abs, quads, and glutes, and press your heels toward the back of the room.
  9. Crane Pose
    Yogi Frank Vittori on his Big Raven Saved By the Pastels yoga mat!

    9. Crane

    Thank you, — this is a tricky one to describe!
    • Squat with the insides of your feet a few inches apart.
    • Separate your knees wider than your hips and lean your torso forward, between your inner thighs.
    • Stretch your arms forward, then bend your elbows, place your hands on the floor and the backs of your upper arms against your shins.
    • Snuggle your inner thighs against the sides of your torso, and your shins into your armpits, and slide your upper arms down as low onto your shins as possible.
    • Lift up onto the balls of your feet and lean forward even more, taking the weight of your torso onto the backs of your upper arms.
    • Lean forward even *more* onto the backs of your upper arms, to the point where the balls of your feet leave the floor.
    • If you’re ready to go further, squeeze your legs against your arms, press your inner hands firmly to the floor and straighten your elbows.
    • Keep your head in a neutral position with your eyes looking at the floor.
  10. Wild Thing Pose
    Yogi Simone Petit on her Big Raven Graceful Dancing Queen yoga mat!

    10. Wild Thing

    (You make my heart sing… Am I the only one? Every. Single. Time.)
    • From Side Plank, step your left foot back behind you with your left knee bent and place the ball of your left foot on the ground.
    • Begin to soften your shoulder blades and allow your upper back to curl into a backbend.
    • Extend your lifted arm forward and down while you allow your head and neck to hang softly.

If you’re part of the 11/12ths of the population who AREN’T Libras, hang in there — we’ll get to you. Next month it’s the Top 10 Poses for Scorpios! (Will this include Scorpion Pose?! Stay tuned!) In the meantime, check out our ENTIRE Zodiac collection to find your sign!

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