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Big Raven Yoga | Libra Yoga Mat Full-Length

Well, folks, we’re running a little behind. We’re trying to get this week’s Design Highlight out the door tonight because we’re highlighting our Libra yoga mat, and the Libra sign dominates the Zodiac calendar from September 23–October 22, a period which ends today. No real excuses, except to say that we’ve been busy! (We’d do the next Zodiac sign, Scorpio, but yesterday’s blog post was the Top 10 Poses for Libras, which is part of our nascent Top 10 Lists series, and we want to keep running with that, so we’ll save Scorpio for next month. Whew!)

Big Raven Yoga | Libra Yoga Mat Cropped

No fear, though, Libras — our famous Design Highlight discount promo code (LIBRA) will still run through Sunday at midnight, just like it always does, even though we’ll be deep into Scorpio territory by then. And if you aren’t part of the 1/12th of the population born under Libra, no worries — we’re going to get to all of you in the next year. (And you can always find your own sign’s Zodiac yoga mat any time of the year; no need to wait for us to celebrate you and your kind!)

Libra: The Scales


September 23–October 23


♎ (Balance scales)


The seventh astrological sign in the Zodiac, Libra marks the first month after the fall equinox, one of the two times of the year when the seasons are “balanced” ― hence, the balance scales held by Themis, the Greek goddess of law, who later became the inspiration for the blindfolded Lady Justice in Western culture. Libra is the only Zodiac constellation represented by an inanimate object; the other eleven are represented by an animal or a mythological character. Those born under Libra are calm, rational, and detached. According to the Roman writer Manilius, Roman judges are born under the sign of Libra and the moon was said to be in Libra when Rome was founded, and therefore the Roman empire itself began on a just and balanced foundation.


Librans are known for their candor and strong sense of justice. Their kind and friendly nature helps them maintain good diplomatic relations with the people around them. They’re also known for their charm and attractiveness.


They are true artists! Librans have the eye and talent for art and poetry. They are blessed with vast knowledge and have the gift of gab and are able to speak on any subject.


A bad day for Librans is one full of drama and criticism. They hide behind masks and are full of self-doubt. They are in dire need of constant attention and appreciation. They have a tendency to be manipulative.

On Relationships

Librans are perfectionists when it comes to love. They have an idealistic view of love and togetherness. They dream of having a perfect partner, so they’re indecisive about committing to relationships. Librans take their sweet time before they make up their mind, but once committed they do their very best to keep harmony in their relationship. They tend to be dependent on their partner and like to have them around. Libras are expressive about their feelings and love to satisfy their other half. Libras are one of the strongest and most charming catches!

Big Raven Yoga | Libra Yoga Mat In Use

Because you Libras are SO awesome, take $10 OFF this week only using the promo code LIBRA at checkout!

(And also keep in mind that October is quickly drawing to a close, and therefore our October collection will soon be replaced by our November collection in a little over a week from today. If you’ve had your eye on one of our October designs, you should probably place your order before you forget and it becomes too late. Caveat emptor means “buyer beware” in Latin; I wonder how I would say “non-buyer beware”? Google translate is no help on this, unfortunately…)

Big Raven Yoga | Libra Yoga Mat Full-Length

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