By Joleen

Design Highlight: Our Zodiac Collection

It’s Tuesday morning, and every week you’ve come to expect us to highlight one of our recent yoga mat designs (or two, or sometimes even three). You expect us to tell you a little bit about the designer, something about the inspiration for the mat, maybe a bit of history behind it. Last week was all about our Donut Worry, Be Happy yoga mat design. Well THIS week we’ve got something REALLY exciting for you: An entire COLLECTION of new yoga mats! Introducing our new Zodiac Collection! We’ve created individual mats for each of the 12 signs of the Zodiac,...

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$137 for a Yoga Mat?!

AKA, “Are You Insane?!” Well…no. Let me explain why they cost $137 AND why you still need one even at that price… Unlike our competitors, we don’t crank out generic yoga mats by the thousands (or tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands). We’re a small, family-run business in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and we print each mat individually to order — custom made exclusively for you. We simply don’t have the same economies of scale as big-name yoga brands or big-box retailers and, truth be told, we’re not really interested in competing solely on price. Instead, we focus on quality and beauty...

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Best Overnight Oats—Simple & Satisfying Recipes to Try

Overnight oats are a big thing in our home—our refrigerator always has mason jars full of this grab and go breakfast/snack. Overnight oats pack a wallop with regard to calorie density and fill you up power.

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Big Raven Yoga's 5 Minute Flowy Vinyasa to ODESZA's “Across the Room” (feat. Leon Bridges)

We live and work in the Prospect Park neighborhood of Minneapolis — it’s this incredible little neighborhood of winding roads, 100-year-old houses, 200-year-old trees, and a hilly landscape not often found in the middle of a major city. Most locals don’t even know we’re here — tucked away just blocks from light rail and the up-and-coming Malcom Yards development. One of our favorite features of our neighborhood is our proximity to the TCF Bank Stadium (Minnesota Golden Gopher Football) and Surley Brewery (possibly our city’s most famous export after Prince and Bob Dylan). Both of these venues (before Covid-19) had full summer...

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Beautiful and Complicated—Simple and Refined The Delightful Contradictions of Elyse Dodge Art

Canadian Elyse Dodge, is a Los Angeles based artist and is the designer of Traverse featured in our Guest Artist Collection. Elyse creates artwork that is an amazing experience of delightful contradictions. Her pieces have elements of simplicity and complication, fluidity and hard lines, soft sweet daydreamy colors and bold vibrant eye-catching hues. Elyse creates artwork where the longer you look—the more you see. It’s immersive, experiential, remarkably beautiful and wonderfully unique. Elyse’s experience as a graphic designer and love for painting has crossed over to create a hybrid style that she refers to as geometric abstraction landscapes. Elyse blends...

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