A Few MORE Mats We’re Saying Goodbye To (April 2019 Edition)

Tonight is your last chance to get ALL of our mats before we narrow down to 25 for the month of May! Come tomorrow, our collection is going to be more tightly focused! Get them while you can!

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We’re at the RAW IMPACT Showcase!

Just a quick shout-out to all our fellow artists at the RAW IMPACT Showcase! The music is awesome! Pop over to the Pourhouse in downtown Minneapolis to see our dramatically lit yoga mats in person!

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We Love Cristina Romagnoli!

This is the fourth in our ongoing series celebrating our happy customers. This week we’re profiling Cristina Romagnoli of Orouboros Yoga. Cristina is special to us because she was the very first person to buy one of our microfiber suede yoga mats yoga mats who wasn’t already a friend or family member or who otherwise had some connection to us. She was a complete stranger who stumbled across our site, threw caution to the wind, and bought one of our microfiber suede yoga mats yoga mats. Our first sale to a complete stranger! That was a BIG day for us, because...

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A Few Mats We’re Saying Goodbye To (April 2019 Edition)

As promised, we’re reorganizing, and we wanted to give you one last shot at some of the mats to which we’re about to say goodbye, with the help of two of my kids, Georgie and Charlie…

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Design Highlight: Audrey Hepburn

This week we’re celebrating the inimitable screen and style icon, Audrey Hepburn, aristocratic star of the silver screen and towering philanthropist. This coming Saturday, May the 4th, would have been her 90th birthday. Born in Brussels, she spent her childhood bouncing between Belgium, England and the Netherlands, studying ballet, voice, and theater before her breakout Hollywood role as the love interest of Gregory Peck in Roman Holiday. She went on to star in some of Hollywood’s most beloved Golden Age films, including My Fair Lady, Funny Face, and in her defining role as Holly Golightly in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. The...

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