Artistic Yoga Mats: Colorful, Bold, & Unique by Katie Cleveland

Katie Cleveland, a Fine Art painter living in Denver, is generous, thoughtful, delightful to spend time with, and so sweet you’ll never want your conversation with her to end. A self-described daredevil, Katie is most at home outdoors— snowboarding, hiking or enjoying a wide variety of adventures. Her art has deep rich pigment, abstract patterns and pathways, and evokes a sense of freedom—one without boundaries or judgement. Her designs in our Guest Artist Collection; Poppy, Inner Freedom, Sunlight, and Let Go are so unique—vibrant—unguarded and compelling.

Originally from Washington D.C Katie loves yoga, art, and the outdoors. Katie creates intuitive— energy based—gouache watercolors that move from abstract to richly detailed. Katie listens to her intuition to bring her art to life. Her brushstrokes are the result of being guided by her intuition instead of having a plan or specific destination in mind. Her results range from playful and whimsical to controlled and elegantly restrained. Katie loves the journey each painting takes her on— the final destination of each piece is always something of a surprise.

Katie wants people who look at her art to smile and feel happy when they see it. She hopes that no matter what is going on with your life, you can stop for a second and be in the present moment— If she has made you stop and think, she feels she has done her job. We are thrilled, excited, send in the-marching-band giddy to welcome Katie to our family of artists.

Katie is an incredible person to know—here are a whole bunch of reasons why!!

  1. When she was little she wanted to be a Zooologist—she had a thing for Cheetas and Horses. [That is sooooo cute]
  2. Katie still loves Zoo-ish animals but these days considers herself a dog person.
  3. The first thing she does in the morning is make coffee.
  4. She likes it rich, full-bodied, and dark—with a splash of cinnamon.
  5. Katie’s favorite way to spend the day depends on the season.
  6. Hiking in the summer
  7. Snowboarding in the winter
  8. If she could Katie would love to have dinner and a chat with Gloria Vanderbilt [Me too!! Me too! Anderson Cooper’s documentary about his mom, Nothing Left Unsaid —so awesome!!]
  9. Katie’s celebrity crush is Wyatt Russell [Dinner and a chat would be fine with him too, right Katie?]
  10. A typical yogi, Katie’s favorite wardrobe stable is—leggings.
  11. Katie’s first job was Cashier at Ledo’s Pizza
  12. Katie’s dream destination is New Zealand and knows some day she will get there.
  13. For absolutely good and sound reasons Katie is afraid of spiders.
  14. Katie blushes when someone pays her a compliment. [You are so talented and your passion is contagious! Not even trying to make you blush—those statements are true!]
  15. Katie loses her charm when drivers go slow in the left lane and don’t get over. [Strongly Agree!!]
  16. Katie’s favorite podcast is Small Art Business by Conception.
  17. She enjoys watching The Magicians on TV [Check. Added to the must see list!]
  18. The book she most often recommends is Untamed by Glennon Doyle
  19. The best advice Katie has ever received —Just because you say sorry first doesn't mean you are to blame. It just means you're willing to resolve the situation and move on. [Love this!!]
  20. Katie’s current favorite mantra—All bad things are good things in disguise [Love this too!!]
  21. Katie’s been a yogi for four years and her favorite yoga flavor is vinyasa.
  22. She practices at least once a week and favorite pose is Standing Forward Fold.
  23. Katie is inspired by bright colored contemporary and abstract art.
  24. Katie hopes her art brings happiness to your heart and a smile to your face.
  25. Katie shares her thoughts and inspiration for each of her designs in our Guest Artist Collection—
    I let my intuition guide me, whatever thought or idea keep being persistent in my mind, I decided to follow it. Inner Freedom was created during the stay at home order for Corona Virus. There are three different aspects to this painting. While I was creating Inner Freedom I thought about who I was when lockdown started, how I have grown during, and what I am I willing to let go of that no longer serves me. So each section represents the twisting of all these thoughts and the pink represents new life. Poppy is playful, it's about the fun of summer. I felt connected to the Poppy Flower and wanted to mix abstract blue elements to bring this summer painting to life. Next I created the painting called Sunlight. This painting is about about stepping into the sun and being fully present in the moment while the sun warms your body. The orange shapes represents sunlight, the green is the grass, and the blue represents the sky. Lastly, I created Let Go. We weren't born to be stressed out and crazed by the chaos of life. We were meant to thrive and join the wild dance of life. I am reminded of this every time I step into nature. It's where I can truly let go and just be. It's been a healing space for me to let go of all those onion layers I didn't know I had still inside me. The sharp orange shapes represent the stress of life. I used orange for the lettering to make sure you really felt the words come off the painting. I hope you when you see these words you are able to feel them. The mountains and the flowers takes over the stress, like the crash of a wave. The blue lines above the mountain peaks represents that crazy wind you feel when you are at the top of a mountain.Every time life gets too much, I run to the mountains to where I feel home.

I am thrilled to welcome Katie Cleveland to the Guest Artist Collection at Big Raven Yoga. Her deep pigments, unique color combinations, and abstract compositions are wonderful and rare we hope you love them as much as we do.

You can learn more about Katie’s art, the art classes she teaches, and the other Katie Cleveland Art products available by visiting her website, YouTube, Instagram, or Facebook

Katie's Beautiful Artwork...

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