Funky, Colorful, & Whimsical Art with Guest Artist Samm Wehman

I am so excited to tell you about Samm Wehman—like so excited as I type, my fingers can’t keep up with my thoughts. Samm is light and energy—she radiates a warmth that you want to be near. She communicates in such a way that you actually see color—she is vibrant, bold, and has a soul filled full of passion. Characteristics that are made evident through her colorful, whimsical and funky art especially her Rainbow Monarch design in our Guest Artist Collection.

Samm is an animal loving artist from Gainesville, Florida—her biggest passions are painting and animals. Samm hopes her piece, Rainbows & Butterflies inspires you to have hope, to experience positive transformation and metamorphosis, and to ultimately change and find happiness. Samm believes that for many change is viewed as a fantasy—just out of reach. But—Samm has a different view, your life is what you make it—if you want to live in a life of rainbows and butterflies you can.

Samm’s personal mantra is one of the things I love most about her—Let the beauty you love be what you do.

I am so honored to welcome Samm Wehman as a Guest Artist at Big Raven Yoga and encourage you to get to know her and her art—you’ll feel different after you do. Better—because she is loveliness and light in human form.

30 Sweet and Savory things about Samm Wehman

  1. Samm studied Animal Science in college at Rutgers University and spent several years after working with a variety of animals.
  2. Including endangered shorebirds, stingrays, sharks, monarch butterflies, moths and jumping spiders. [This isn’t even a complete list!!]
  3. Samm loved the work she did with animals and for the environment, but found all she wanted to do during, and after a long day of work in the field or lab was to come home and paint. [The studio calls many of us artists like a constant hum.]
  4. A few years ago, Samm transitioned from being a part-time artist to a full time one.
  5. She’s never been happier or more fulfilled because…
  6. She is now able to use her art to fund-raise and give back to animal-related and environmental organizations in her community.
  7. This has been a way for Samm to stay involved in causes she cares about while still being a full-time artist.
  8. Samm is a vegan and animal lover.
  9. Her biggest passions include promoting animal adoption and supporting local rescues and shelters, wildlife conservation, helping the environment, and encouraging a passionate and cruelty-free lifestyle. [This is wonderful and inspiring in so many ways!!]
  10. In addition to raising money for charities, Samm does her best to minimize her carbon footprint as an artist.
  11. She uses mostly reclaimed and repurposed materials in her art.
  12. Her favorite “canvas” to paint on is old unwanted fan blades! [That must look SO incredible!]
  13. Besides painting and making art, Samm enjoys making plant-based meals, traveling and enjoying the great outdoors, spending time with her husband and rescued pit bulls, planting and gardening, thrift shopping, meditating with crystals, and doing yoga at home.
  14. Samm considers herself a beginner yogi because she doesn’t practice as often as she thinks “she should.” [There is no yoga quota for membership—we promise.]
  15. Samm enjoys meditating and practicing mindfulness to help ease what she calls her “crazy, scatter-brained artist mind.”
  16. Samm shares that she loves being an ARTrepreneur and often feels she has too many projects and ideas that she’s excited about—happening all at once. [There is actually scientific study about the artist’s brain—ours are different!! True story!!]
  17. Samm describes herself an empath who can get easily overwhelmed and feel burdened by everything going on around her. Practicing yoga has helped her ease her mind and feel peaceful—her favorite poses are pigeon, tree, and bridge.
  18. Samm is a dog person. Definitely a dog person but a Pit bull “fanatic.”
  19. Samm’s favorite comfort food is Ben and Jerry’s VEGAN mint chocolate cookie ice cream.
  20. That and Vegan baked goods like cupcakes and donuts—Samm says she’ll take a little of everything!
  21. Samm admires celebrities who speak up for animals such as, Jared Leto, Leonardo DiCaprio, Alicia Silverstone and Joaquin Phoenix.
  22. She also loves primate researcher Jane Goodall for her dedicated conservation work for animals and the environment.
  23. Samm even got to meet Jane Goodall at a book signing!! She said it was quite exciting!! [No kidding!! Lucky!!]
  24. Samm’s favorite way to spend a day is juicing some fresh produce, enjoying a couple good vegan meals, taking a walk or hike with the dogs, or spending time on the lake canoeing.
  25. The first thing Samm does in the morning is decide if she wants to be awake or wants to keep dreaming.
  26. Her wardrobe staple is—in her words—obnoxiously colored leggings, a fun tank top, chacos.
  27. 95% of Samm’s closet is from a thrift store and that’s exactly how she likes it!
  28. Samm’s favorite destinations are places she’s been: mountains, rainforests and turquoise watered beaches... she would love to go anywhere new on an eco-tour with adventure, nature and wildlife.
  29. Samm got her first job at 14 working at a local pet store and aquarium center bagging crickets and helping people pick out exotic pets.
  30. When asked if yoga can lead to greater happiness, Samm’s reponded “I absolutely think it can, but like any type of mediation or mindfulness .. it takes practice and the right mindset. It’s all in the mind and we have to make our own efforts towards finding happiness too (even though on some days, it can be REALLY hard). “The Mind is Everything. What you think, you become”. - Buddha

I asked Samm, what has been the best advice she ever received? Her responses reveal what makes her so colorful, bold, passionate and easy to love:

  1. You only wake up with so many F***s to give, and YOU decide who deserves them.
  2. You don’t HAVE to have a “normal” full-time conventional job to be successful.

Please help me welcome Samm Wehman to Big Raven Yoga as a Guest Artist. We are thrilled to be keeping company with such a talented artist and inspiring human. In fact, Samm is offering a personal note and enamel butterfly pin to the first five who order her Rainbow Monarch design. You’re gonna wanna hurry—these won’t last long.

You can learn more about Samm by visiting her website, or following her on social media: Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok and Youtube Official Account

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