Design Highlight: Our Zodiac Collection

Big Raven Yoga | Taurus Full-Sized

It’s Tuesday morning, and every week you’ve come to expect us to highlight one of our recent yoga mat designs (or two, or sometimes even three). You expect us to tell you a little bit about the designer, something about the inspiration for the mat, maybe a bit of history behind it. Last week was all about our Donut Worry, Be Happy yoga mat design. Well THIS week we’ve got something REALLY exciting for you: An entire COLLECTION of new yoga mats!

Big Raven Yoga | Taurus Yoga Mat Cropped

Introducing our new Zodiac Collection! We’ve created individual mats for each of the 12 signs of the Zodiac, and we’ve also created another 13th mat featuring all 12 signs and the phrase “You are perfect just the way you were made.” We love that sentiment (and especially as it pertains to my son, Jackson.)

This massive project truly was a group effort. While our designers sourced and scanned vintage artwork and laid out the designs, others of us researched the myths and legends and histories associated with each constellation, and yet others of us consulted with experts regarding the traits commonly associated with each symbol.

This was a super fun project, and we’re so excited to see it finally revealed! We SO hope you’ll be as excited about this project as we’ve been. It’s been months in the making, and it’s been a little hard to keep mum about it when people ask me what new designs we have in the pipeline! Go find your Zodiac symbol and check out the mat we’ve designed just for you and your tribe!

Big Raven Yoga | Perfectly Made Yoga Mat In Use

To make this stellar new collection even more out of this world (see what I did there?!), take $10 off ANY of our Zodiac Collection yoga mats this week ONLY using the promo code ZODIAC at checkout. Offer good until midnight this Sunday night, August 11.

Big Raven Yoga | Perfectly Made Yoga Mat Full-Sized

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