Alyssa Shaw

Picture of Alyssa Shaw

Alyssa is an artist with a passion for adventure and wellbeing. She likes to spend her days hiking, painting, or daydreaming about a mixture of the two. She believes that fitness and grounding leads to a healthier lifestyle, which is why she loves yoga

She describes her art as "realistic-with-a-pop" style that draws the onlooker into a world that looks like it's from a dreamy, brighter dimension, but somehow still within their grasp to visit firsthand. Her art comes from a place of enjoying what the world has to offer, whether that's being brought to tears by the grandeur of mountains, or stopping to smell the wildflowers on a leisurely hike. Alyssa hopes she can instill the mindset in others that the incredible beauty of nature is something worth experiencing, treasuring, and protecting. 

If you've traveled to the Rockies, she hopes this piece brings back fond memories. If you haven't, she hopes it sparks something in you to get out and get adventuring, or maybe just make your day a little bit brighter as you unroll your mat.

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