Amy Diener

Picture of Amy Diener

Amy Diener is a guest artist at Big Raven Yoga and the designer of Warm No. 2 and Rays. She is a lover of color, painting and traveling!

Amy is a New York-based artist currently living in Bangkok. She has traveled to over 25 beautiful countries and draws inspiration from the combination of colors of landscapes and cityscapes — from the aqua waters, golden sands, and green leaf colors of the islands in Thailand, to the magical bamboo forest and cherry blossom colors of Kyoto, Japan, to the purple and hot pink lupins of New Zealand!

Having a long history of battling OCD, painting dots has been a positive outlet for her. The painting process is very repetitive and requires a lot of focus. To her, it is a mindful practice, where she can be fully present and aware in the moment. Through her art style, she’s able to embody the repetitive experience without getting lost in her thoughts. She’s able to turn her suffering into something beautiful and inspirational.

You can read more about Amy in our journal!