Bridal Yoga Mats

Custom yoga mats for you and your bridal party!

Luxurious, blanket-soft, and designed just for you!

  • Personalized colors, theme & style
  • High-quality
  • Non-slip surface
  • Deep cushion
  • Machine-washable
  • Makes a great gift for your bridal party!

We make customization easy & convenient…

  1. Enjoy a personal design consultation with our art director.
  2. Share your vision, colors, style, and aesthetic.
  3. Put down a deposit.
  4. Receive a round of designs.
  5. Review those designs.
  6. Rinse and repeat until you’re happy!
  7. Sit back and relax. We’ll print your mats, beautifully box them, and ship them directly to you!


Many of our bridal mats are individually composed from an assortment of floral swatches. With these swatches we can work with your color palette and the types of flowers in your bouquet to come up with a yoga mat that is completely unique to you and your event! You can see some of our example swatches below, but we’re not limited to these, nor are you even restricted to designing a floral mat! We’re happy to work with whatever ideas you have, and we can put whatever you want on your mats (including a giant larger-than-life photo of your beloved, if that’s your thing!)

  • Swatch: All Is Merry and Bright
    All Is Merry & Bright
  • Swatch: Antique White
    Antique White
  • Swatch: August Roses
    August Roses
  • Swatch: Autumn Meadow
    Autumn Meadow
  • Swatch: Berries and Navy
    Berries and Navy
  • Swatch: Blush and Gray
    Blush and Gray
  • Swatch: Blush Pink Corals
    Blush Pink Corals
  • Swatch: Boho Pastel
    Boho Pastel
  • Swatch: Boho Scandi Florals
    Boho Scandi Florals
  • Swatch: Boho White Peony
    Boho White Peony
  • Swatch: Bouquets de Mariée Watercolor
    Bouquets de Mariée Watercolor
  • Swatch: Butterum and Plum
    Butterum and Plum
  • Swatch: Carolina Floral
    Carolina Floral
  • Swatch: Champagne and Rose Boho
    Champagne and Rose Boho
  • Swatch: Crimson Boho
    Crimson Boho
  • Swatch: Dreams Come True
    Dreams Come True
  • Swatch: Field of Pastels
    Field of Pastels
  • Swatch: Heaven and Earth
    Heaven and Earth
  • Swatch: Holly and Ivy
    Holly and Ivy
  • Swatch: Lavender and Blue
    Lavender and Blue
  • Swatch: Magenta and Indigo Blends
    Magenta and Indigo Blends
  • Swatch: Mint Julep
    Mint Julep
  • Swatch: Royal Watercolor
    Royal Watercolor
  • Swatch: Rustic Ivory
    Rustic Ivory
  • Swatch: Sapphire and Jewels
    Sapphire and Jewels
  • Swatch: Spring
  • Swatch: Sunflowers and Bluebells
    Sunflowers and Bluebells
  • Swatch: Sunshine Bouquet
    Sunshine Bouquet
  • Swatch: Sweet Cotton and Chestnut
    Sweet Cotton and Chestnut
  • Swatch: Sweet Pea and Plum
    Sweet Pea and Plum

(And, in case you need more convincing, we’re not alone in thinking that our yoga mats make the best bridesmaids’ gifts: Check out Destination I Do and their Gifting Guide for Bridesmaids, AKA Six Ways to Spoil Your Best Maids!)