Denise Griffin

Picture of Denise Griffin

Denise Griffin is a Guest Artist at Big Raven Yoga and is the designer of several popular designs. Denise is passionate about yoga and credits her daily practice for keeping her body and mind in a peaceful place.

When Denise is not painting or practicing yoga, she teaches piano lessons and enjoys the beautiful outdoors of New England.

Music and art have always been a huge part of Denise’s life and she feels lucky to be able to earn an income from two things she is passionate about. Denise seeks inspiration through nature and is in constant observation of life. She hopes to bring calm and happiness to those who experience her images.

Most of Denise’s artwork is colorful, playful and stylized. Because of a strong children’s illustration influence, much of her work is dreamlike and calming in its quality. Soft details and colorful patterns appear in many of her paintings.

Denise is the proud mom of two adult children who often attended yoga classes with her. Denise’s husband is her number one fan and has been a constant supporter of her career as an artist. Denise feels fortunate and truly blessed to be living such a happy and peaceful life!

You can find more of Denise’s work on her website or follow her on Facebook and Instagram. You can also read more about Denise in our journal!