Elyse Dodge

Picture of Elyse Dodge

Elyse Dodge is a guest artist at Big Raven Yoga and the designer of Traverse.

Elyse is a Los Angeles-based Canadian artist who is best known for her bold colorful geometric patterns. Her distinctive visual language explores the contrast between the abstract and literal, in both form and colour.

She blends the freedom of impressionism with the precision of geometric abstraction - presenting memories of place in a surreal, dreamlike state that draw the viewer into an alternate, simplified world.

Raised in British Columbia, her artist mother and builder father taught her to see the world as form and colour. Elyse now applies that deconstructed perspective to her work, creating fresh and unexpected contemporary landscapes.

Through her piece, she hopes that her artwork conveys a deep sense of peace and determination. The beauty and boldness of this landscape reminds her that we can be both strong and soft at the same time. Her new mantra for her yoga practice is "Grounded feet. Soft spirit" and she believes this mountain is a wonderful symbol of that.

Big Raven Yoga is thrilled to have Elyse’s work as a part of our GUEST ARTIST COLLECTION.

You can find more of her work on her WEBSITE or follow her on INSTAGRAM.