Emily LaVelle

Picture of Emily LaVelle

Emily LaVelle is a deaf artist living in Northern California. She loves being outdoors, painting, & cuddling with her kitty, Samwise.

Emily expresses herself through art. She became deaf at 18 months old and throughout her life as used art to express her thoughts, feelings, and emotions.

Emily was 16 when her mother passed away suddenly after battling pancreatic cancer for 4 short months. Emily’s dream of becoming an artist just like her mom was shattered because of grief and heartbreak. Instead of following her artistic passion Emily chose to pursue nursing. Feeling unfulfilled and listening to the call of her deepest passion, Emily has since found her voice and returned to her dreams of doing art full time.

The inspiration behind Emily’s art is derived from her experiences with her mom. Emily’s mom, who was an incredible artist, introduced her to art and her love for the outdoors at an early age. She taught Emily the basics of art through their many nature trips and explorations of the outdoors.