Katie Cleveland

Picture of Katie Cleveland
Katie Cleveland is a guest artist at Big Raven Yoga and the designer of Inner Freedom, Let Go, Poppy and Sunlight.

Katie is based in Denver, Colorado. She loves yoga, art, and the great outdoors — in the summer, you can find her hiking, and in the winter you can find her on her snowboard!

Her paintings are based on the energy she feels from life’s precious moments. The majority of Katie's work is about listening to her intuitive voice to bring art to life. Her paintings are often playful, but sometimes she uses art to process her emotions and let it guide her brushstrokes. As a result, her artwork always comes as an exciting surprise.

Katie wants people who look at her art to smile and feel happy when they see it. She hopes that no matter what is going on with their lives, they can stop for a second and be in the present moment with her art.

Big Raven Yoga is thrilled to have Katie’s work as a part of our GUEST ARTIST COLLECTION.

You can find more of her work on her WEBSITE or follow her on INSTAGRAM.