Katsina Love

Picture of Katsina Love

Katherine is a Guest Artist at Big Raven Yoga and the designer of the beautiful and intricate  Lunar Geometry yoga mat.

Katherine hopes to bring love and power to those who engage with her art.

She likes to be playful and experiment with many different styles.

Katherine’s background is in traditional drawing and painting, she has a degree in animation that has giver her a platform to explore two dimensional designs and play with color.

Lately, Katherine has been embracing a more mystical style with a lot of texture — a result of the influence that yoga and spirituality has had on her. She connects with the raw ideas of sacred geometry and enjoys that influence in her yoga centered pieces.

Big Raven Yoga is thrilled to have Katherine’s work as a part of our Guest Artist Collection.

You can find more of her work on Tumblr or follow her on Instagram.