Lucy Penfield

Picture of Lucy Penfield

Lucy Penfield is an award-winning luxury interior designer and lifestyle product designer who is celebrated by the press, clients and colleagues for being an industry leader and creating personality-driven custom residential and commercial projects worldwide.

Lucy's project portfolio encompasses luxe, beautifully layered town and country residences, urban condominiums, commercial offices, boutique studios, restaurants for Food Network, and non-profits. Also recognized as a speaker and writer, Lucy is expanding her repertoire with a collection of licensed product designs.

Prior to launching her design business, Lucy was a fashion buyer and textile designer working for prestigious firms in Chicago, Boston and New York. Making things beautiful has always been her line of work. With a penchant for learning, Lucy studied Art History, Interior Design, and recently received her graduate degree in Design Thinking.

Always looking, thinking and imagining, Lucy is known as a blue-sky thinker and is driven by a deep passion for design and creativity, never standing still for long. A force full of ideas. Lucy honed her own brand of design, a 6-step creative process that has become the universal language at Lucy Interior Design.

For nearly three decades, Lucy has built a legacy of superior design, renowned for balancing beauty with welcoming, livable environments. A multi-layered, stimulating sensory experience, infused with color and pizzazz, is at the core of Lucy’s work. Animated and playful with a sense of wanderlust, each project comes alive with personality. Lucy’s entrepreneurial spirit motivated her to launch Lucy Interior Design, the Minneapolis-based design firm in 2005, and is leading the design conversation with energy and enthusiasm. Lucy loves empowering and mentoring the next generation of design leaders. Resetting the design narrative for each project, Lucy and team balance harmony and dynamism with classic roots and modern design.

Lucy’s heart is committed to creating change in the world and actively bolsters the design community with charitable events, non-profit makeovers with Design for A Difference, and extensive board involvement.


You can see more of Lucy's design work by visiting her website or follow her on Instagram.