Lyn Sweet

Picture of Lyn Sweet

Lyn Sweet is a full time traveling artist who friends and fans describe as having an artistic vibe that is psychedelic, dark and creepy--while still being adorably cute. Lyn is a Guest Artist at Big Raven and the designer responsible for the wildly popular Octopus Odyssey. 

Lyn's artistic style is influenced by cartoons from adult swim and classic artists such as Salvador Dali. She grew up watching a lot of Star Trek and Star Wars and has always been interested in space, aliens, creepy but cute creatures and iridescent color schemes.

Lyn hopes her art brings a feeling of overwhelming interest in beauty, and odd experiences that people will feel intrigued by. Lyn desires to create a space for others to feel curious and also possibly confused. Lyn believes, the longer someone wants to look at art the more likely it is to make a lasting impact.

You can learn more about Lyn by following her on Instagram or by visiting her store, lynsweetart