Mallory Ottariano

Picture of Mallory Ottariano

Mallory Ottariano is a guest artist at Big Raven Yoga and the designer of Fungus Among Us, Green Mountain and Race to the Top.

Mallory is also the founder and owner of Kind Apparel, a clothing company that produces incredibly unique and bold colorful wearables. Kind Apparel makes fabrics from recycled plastics, prints with non-toxic inks, and uses sustainable packaging.

Growing up, she always had passion for expressing individuality through style and seeking out unique clothing. Her early entrepreneur days were spent sewing with a $100 sewing machine and running an Etsy shop from her parent’s basement.

Today, she runs a small company dedicated to intentionally manufacturing quality products that combine function and fashion.

Mallory’s designs are inspired by the natural world. All of her artworks are created through a combination of sketching, photography, digital drawing and manipulation.

Big Raven Yoga is thrilled to have Mallory’s work as a part of our Guest Artist Collection!

You can find more of her work on her website or follow her on Instagram.