Picture of ODESZA

Harrison Mills and Clayton Knight are the talented musicians and visionaries behind the eclectic music duo ODESZA. Originally from Bellingham, Washington the band has been hailed as crafters of “ethereal fusion and futuristic sound.”

ODESZA is a little bit house music, hip hop, electronic dance, and ambient —combined with their performance style evokes feelings of happiness, contentment, and elation. Since 2012 they have released 3 albums, an EP, 11 mix tapes, and several remixes. 

ODESZA  has collaborated with Naomi Wild, Leon Bridges, Regina Spektor, Sasha Sloan, RY X, Zyra, Py, Jenni Potts and so many talented others. Their live shows are a wonderful display of unique performance. The ODESZA Drumline adds an incredible dimension of creativity and energy. Watch here to see just how fun their live shows are!

Yoga enthusiasts and practitioners have fallen in love with ODESZA as the perfect soundtrack for their practice. We recommend this Vinyasa Flow to Across the Room, featuring Leon Bridges.

Big Raven Yoga is thrilled to welcome ODESZA to our Guest Artist Collection!