Samm Wehman

Picture of Samm Wehman

Samm is an animal loving artist currently living in Gainesville, FL. Samm is living a fulfilling life that combines her biggest passions into her paintings and creations! Samm's journey thus far has been a juggling act of balancing her passions for animals and art.

"I’ve been creating my whole life, since I was able to hold a crayon, but as a young adult found myself having to decide between animals and art when it came to the career path I would ultimately choose. After spending most of high school preparing to go to art school, I instead studied Animal Science in college at Rutgers University and spent several years after working with a variety of animals varying from endangered shorebirds, to stingrays and sharks, to monarch butterflies, to moths and jumping spiders and more. I loved the work I did with animals and for the environment, but found that what all I wanted to do during, and after a long day’s of work in the field or lab was to come home and paint. I never stopped creating over the years, but it had always been a challenge to work full time and also try to maintain and grow an art business. A few years ago I had been in the process of a major career change to work in animal welfare to fulfill my inner need to help my local animal shelter... but the universe changed my path in crazy ways and now I’m pursuing my art full time and I couldn’t be happier."

Samm uses her art to fundraise and give back to animal-related and environmental organizations in her community. As a vegan and animal lover, Samm's passion projects include promoting animal adoption and supporting local rescues and shelters, wildlife conservation, helping the environment, and encouraging a passionate and cruelty-free lifestyle. In addition to raising money for charities, Samm does her best to minimize her carbon footprint as an artist, by using mostly reclaimed and repurposed materials in her art. Her favorite “canvas” to paint on is old unwanted fan blades.

Besides painting and making art, Samm enjoys making plant-based meals, traveling and enjoying the great outdoors, spending time with her husband and rescued pit bulls, plants and gardening, thrift shopping, meditating with crystals, and doing yoga at home. She still considers herself a beginner and enjoys meditating and practicing mindfulness to help ease her artist mind.