Art Kit of the Month Club!

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You’ve asking for this for so long, and it’s finally here — my  Art Kit-of-the-Month Club!

Here’s how it works: When you subscribe you’ll become part of our ever-so-snobbishly exclusive club, but more importantly, you’ll receive a brand-new, unavailable-to-the-general-public art kit that you can make yourself at home every month!

These kits are super-fun, not terribly difficult, and not terribly time-consuming. When you complete the kit, you’ll have an awesome piece of art that you can keep for yourself or you can give away. (And, you’ll then know how to make more of them any time you want!)

If you’ve been following me on TikTok, you know how much fun my TikTok LIVEs are, and this is ANOTHER benefit of my kit-of-the-month club: One night each month I’ll go live with just you, my club members, and you can follow along as I show you how to make your project live, on air, via Zoom. (If you can’t make it that night, the live will be recorded and available for you to watch at your leisure, any time, any where.)

Note that these kits will be offered FIRST to club members; others can purchase them, at a somewhat higher price, the following month…IF there are any left!

You can cancel at any time, skip deliveries, and even pause your subscription if necessary. I’ll make this SO easy on you because I love and appreciate you so much! (That said…I've never used this subscription feature before, so there may be a few growing pains while we work out the details, but rest assured we’ll get it all sorted so that everyone is completely happy with the subscription service!)

January’s art kit is Fancy Pants (shown above), and it will be available exclusively to club members this month; if any are left, they’ll be made available in January to non-club members (but they’ll need to pay a bit more — one of the many benefits of being a club member!)

After that, you’ll receive one new, never-before released art kit each month. Cancel any time (but hopefully you’ll love it so much you won’t cancel until your house is entirely covered in awesome art that you made yourself!)

(P.S. Our Shopify e-commerce site doesn’t allow us to easily ship kits outside of the Lower 48 United States. However…we CAN do it! Please email me at or call me at +1-301-706-9163 to make special shipping arrangements! We’ll get international shipping sorted eventually, but we’re not quite there yet.)

One last thing…we’d like to get all of our subscribers on the same schedule, so no matter when you make your purchase during the month, we’ll set your next order to be charged the first of the following month. That way I can get everyone’s orders in the queue on the first of the month, get them boxed and shipped, and ensure everyone has theirs in time for our LIVE crafting event later in the month. One quirk of this is that if, for example, you placed an order for January’s art kit on January 31, you would be charged again the next day, February 1, for February’s kit (and then on March 1, April 1, etc.) Getting not one, but TWO (2) fun kits back-to-back isn’t the worst problem to have though, is it?!

(But wait! There’s MORE! When you join my art kit of the month club, I’ll include in your very first kit a FREE surprise that I’ll make with my own two hands just for YOU — a $31 value!)

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