Cyanotype Sun Prints Art Kit

Sale Price: $57.00

Cyanotypes are the technology behind old-school blueprints, and it turns out you can use this same technology at home to make brilliant blue artwork of your own!

It’s an old-fashioned process, but the concept is simple: I’ll provide you with photosensitive papers and fabrics (which I treated myself, and I’ll give you links and instructions so you can make more of your own), you lay out your artwork on these papers and fabrics, expose them to sunlight, rinse them in hydrogen peroxide to stop the reaction, and finally lay them out to dry. Easy-peasy and endless, amazing fun (even for kids)!

This kit includes:

  • Clearly written instructions
  • Emulsion-treated watercolor papers
  • Emulsion-treated fabric
  • An assortment of inverted negatives
  • Light-blocking bag (for storing your papers until ready for use)

You can easily create your cyanotypes in less than 90 minutes. You will need a recycled 8×10 picture frame (with glass and a backing), a few medium-sized binder clips, a small bottle of hydrogen peroxide, a shallow tray, newspapers, rags, optional soapy bubbles, turmeric for color, leaves, flowers, and anything else you would like to use to personalized your cyanotypes.

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