Library Wreath Art Kit

Sale Price: $42.00

(Almost) everything you need to create Joleen’s beautiful library wreath — you only need supply a hot glue gun, glue, and a stapler. This easy and inexpensive kit helps you create a piece of art of your very own that looks great all year round!

This kit includes everything else needed to create one 10-inch library wreath:

  • Written instructions
  • Link to instructional video
  • 10" grapevine wreath
  • Dressmaker pattern paper
  • Herb scissors (a $13 value!)
  • Variety of interesting papers (enough to cover the wreath and then some; each kit contains different papers)
  • Florists wire for hanging

When you’re done, keep the herb scissors in your kitchen for their real purpose — quickly processing and chiffonading fresh herbs, no knife needed!

You can watch Joleen make an example wreath on TikTok in this 1-minute video.


**Be Warned Friends––Old book pages can contain language that is inconsistent with our values and might be offensive. Kits might also contain religious and music pages. All of the papers in these kits have come from broken, discarded, or thrifted books.

**There are no refunds on Art Kits.


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