3 Sweet Vignettes

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I believe every artist should have the ability to create a hand-stitched book. It’s not terribly difficult, and it’s a skill that will enable you to fashion an endless supply of handmade heirloom gifts for friends and family!

It’s an old-fashioned process, but the concept is simple: I’ll provide you with enough materials to create 3 hand-made books of your own, plus instructions to make as many more as you like!

This kit includes:

  • Clearly written instructions
  • 80# book board for covers
  • 140# watercolor paper
  • 90# watercolor paper
  • Book cloth
  • Waxed cord
  • Curved stitching needle
  • Punch mat

You can easily create your own beautiful blank books in less time than you’d think. You will need some decorative paper for your interior covers (like scrapbook paper or similar), an awl or paper piercer, PVA glue (Elmer’s or school glue), an old glue brush for spreading the glue, a bone folder (optional), and a scissors or paper cutter.

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