The Wonderful World of Art Quilting - Happy Time Craftcast 13

Craftonians, I’m thrilled to share insights from a recent episode of Happy Time Craftcast entitled "The Wonderful World of Art Quilting" featuring an incredibly talented art quilter, Sondrasa. In our chat, Sondrasa opened up about her artistic journey, her current projects, and how she's making the beautiful art of quilting accessible to everyone.

Discovering Art Quilting

Art quilting, as Sondrasa beautifully explained, isn’t just about creating functional items but is a form of expressive art that integrates traditional quilting techniques with artistic concepts. This blend allows for a more personalized touch, making each quilt a unique piece of art. She shared her experience with various themes, often drawing from nature like flowers, bees, and butterflies, which she transforms into gorgeous quilt designs.

Sondrasa’s Current Inspirations

During our talk, Sondrasa highlighted some of her current projects that blend different techniques such as English paper piecing and raw edge appliqué. She’s gearing up for a convention and is excited about launching a new pattern, the "Tipsy Tea," which incorporates these techniques in a fresh, innovative way. Her enthusiasm was palpable as she discussed preparing companion pieces for the event, showing just how vibrant and evolving the world of quilting can be.

Community and Connection

One part of our conversation that truly stood out was how Sondrasa handles her online presence and engages with her community. She emphasized the importance of moderators in maintaining a supportive and positive environment during live streams. This resonated deeply with me as it highlighted the nurturing aspect of the crafting community, where encouragement and constructive interaction form the backbone of creative sharing.

Making Quilting Accessible

Sondrasa is passionate about making quilting accessible to everyone. She introduced a beginner-friendly project, the "Tipsy Mug Rug," which is a simple yet delightful entry into art quilting. This project is a testament to Sondrasa’s dedication to demystifying the art of quilting and inviting newcomers to try their hand without feeling overwhelmed.

A Special Treat for Our Listeners

To sweeten the deal for those inspired to start their quilting journey, Sondrasa generously offered a a 15% discount on all orders from the Art Quilts by Design store using the code CRAFTCAST.

Looking Forward

As we wrapped up our conversation, Sondrasa’s words left me inspired and excited about the future of crafting. The world of art quilting is vast and full of possibilities, and with artists like Sondrasa at the helm, we are sure to see incredible innovations and stunning creations.

To all my crafty readers, I hope this peek into the world of art quilting with Sondrasa encourages you to pick up a needle and thread, or perhaps even a quilting hoop. Remember, every piece you create is a reflection of your unique artistic journey.

Thank you for tuning in, and don't forget to join us next time as we continue to explore the unstoppable need to create. Happy crafting, everyone!


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