Divine Chakras Yoga Mat

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We are all made of pure energy that we share with the Earth, and when our chakras are open and aligned, this energy is constantly free-flowing. 

But you and I both know that our own stress and anxiety can inter
fere with the flow of this energy, affecting every facet of our lives and limiting our connection to the world around us.  

Use this mat to open that connection again.  Observe yoursel
f. Breathe deeply.  Feel the light within you. 

Sahasrara. Understand yoursel
f and the world around you.
Ajna. Seek truth and trust your intuition.
Vissudha. Speak clearly and openly.
Anahata. Love yoursel
f and others with a compassionate heart. 
Manipura. Act with con
fidence and authority.
Feel deeply and passionately. 
Muladhara. Be present. Be connected. Be secure. 

You can read more about why we created this design in our journal.

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Designed by Karla

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