Terry in His Heartland Yoga Mat

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The mountain gorilla, a large, strong ape inhabiting Africa’s volcanic slopes, has few natural predators. Yet due to detrimental human activity such as poaching, civil war and habitat destruction, the mountain gorilla, a subspecies of the eastern gorilla, has become the most endangered type of gorilla… (animalfactguide.com)

My Dad, Terry Emery, was a gorilla enthusiast and lover of all primates. He often joked he looked more like his “brothers from the mountain” than he did his own family. My dad led by example that observation and preservation are so much more important to our greater good than animals being kept for human entertainment. When I was young he told me, “when you look deep into their eyes you can see their soul.”

In honor of my dad and these magnificent mountain gorillas, a portion of proceeds from the purchase of Terry in His Heartland will benefit the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund.

This hand-drawn design features Terry in the heartland of the jungle, peacefully sitting in quiet observation of his world, with Dian’s camera hanging in the tree behind him. If you look deeply into his eyes you can see his soul.

(You can read more about the story behind this mat in Mat of the Week: Terry in His Heartland. This mat was also mentioned in Freebie Friday! 03.22.2019, which features a quote by Dian Fossey — the last entry in her diary before she was brutally murdered for her conservation efforts.)

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