The Transformative Magic of Art Journaling with Suzanne Earley - Happy Time Craftcast 11


It’s me, Joleen, popping in to share some fun tidbits from a recent episode of the Happy Time Craftcast. Oh, what a delightful chat I had with Suzanne Early, the creative genius behind Strawberry Moon Magazine. We had such a fabulous time, and I just couldn’t wait to spill the beans with you all!

Suzanne’s adventure from a school desk to the glossy pages of her own magazine is nothing short of inspiring. It’s like she took a magic carpet ride through the world of crafts, picking up bits of joy and creativity along the way. Her stories about transitioning into the world of art journaling and publishing is absolutely fascinating and oh-so-heartwarming!

We got chatting about the special world of art journaling, and let me say, it’s as fun as a day in the paint shop! Suzanne described it as this spontaneous and deeply personal way to express oneself, which I totally adore. Art journaling is like that friend who says, “Come as you are, messy bun and all,” and who doesn’t love that?

And oh, the Strawberry Moon magazine! It’s not just any magazine, my friends. It’s like a piece of art that sits on your coffee table, making you look oh-so-chic and artsy. With its touch-me textures and rainbow of colors, it’s a treasure trove of creativity that you just want to jump into!

Suzanne shared some sweet snippets about her life, too, like becoming a grandma and how that’s coloring her world with new shades of joy. She’s looking forward to doodling and crafting with her grandson, and honestly, isn’t that the cutest thing?

Our live audience was just as enchanted, firing away questions and sharing in the crafty love. It was like a big, cozy craft circle, and the vibe was just electric!

So, what’s the scoop from my chit-chat with Suzanne? It’s all about enjoying the ride on this crafty journey of life, making friends, and splashing a little paint around. Art journaling is our playground, and every page is a new adventure waiting to happen.

Wrapping up our talk, I felt like I’d been on a mini-vacation, full of fun and inspiration. Suzanne’s passion for her magazine and the art world is like a warm, sparkly glue that holds us crafters together.

Thanks for swinging by, and until our next crafty adventure, keep those scissors snipping and those glitter jars tipping!

Hugs and glitters,


[Download your Complimentary Copy of the Strawberry Moon Magazine here]


Show Notes:

Episode Summary: Join Joleen on "Happy Time Craftcast" as she chats with Suzanne Early, the visionary behind Strawberry Moon magazine. Dive into a world where art journaling isn't just a hobby—it's a lifestyle. Discover the stories, inspirations, and future of this colorful and expressive form of art.

What’s in This Episode:

  • 00:00-01:09 - Joleen's warm welcome and introduction to a sunny day podcast episode.
  • 01:10-02:09 - Introduction to Suzanne Early, editor, and publisher of Strawberry Moon magazine, highlighting the essence of art journaling.
  • 02:10-05:19 - Exploring the personal and creative journey of Suzanne, from her initial steps to the establishment of Strawberry Moon.
  • 05:20-10:39 - Suzanne shares her transition from a school secretary to embracing the quilting world and eventually leading her own magazine.
  • 10:40-15:29 - Deep dive into Strawberry Moon magazine’s unique aspects, including its tactile appeal and the role it plays in the art journaling community.
  • 15:30-20:44 - Live Q&A session, engaging the audience with Suzanne’s expert insights on creativity and journaling.
  • 20:45-25:49 - Personal anecdotes from Suzanne, offering a glimpse into her life and artistic influences.
  • 25:50-30:00 - Discussing the forward-looking projects and aspirations for Strawberry Moon and the broader art journaling sphere.
  • 30:01-35:19 - Additional viewer interaction, focusing on the nuts and bolts of art journaling and magazine publishing.
  • 35:20-38:00 - Joleen wraps up, expressing gratitude and hinting at future episodes.

Continuing the Summary with Detailed Segments and Timestamps

  • 38:01-40:00 - Final thoughts on the importance of art journaling in personal and community development, with Suzanne emphasizing the joy and fulfillment it brings to her and the magazine's readers.
  • 40:01-42:00 - A brief discussion on the technical side of magazine production, including challenges and successes in the world of independent publishing.
  • 42:01-44:00 - Suzanne shares advice for aspiring artists and journalers, encouraging them to pursue their passions and find their unique voice in the art world.
  • 44:01-46:00 - Joleen and Suzanne discuss the balance between personal creativity and running a business, and how Suzanne manages both aspects of her life.
  • 46:01-48:00 - The conversation shifts to community impact, with Suzanne talking about the magazine's role in inspiring and connecting artists globally.
  • 48:01-50:00 - Final Q&A segment where Suzanne answers more specific questions from viewers about her artistic journey and the lessons learned along the way.
  • 50:01-52:00 - Closing statements with Joleen thanking Suzanne for her time and insights, and Suzanne expressing gratitude for being part of the podcast.
  • 52:01-end - Joleen provides details on how listeners can subscribe to Strawberry Moon magazine and where to find more information about Suzanne’s work.
  • 53:01-end - Outro music and end of the podcast episode, with a reminder for the audience to tune in for the next episode of Joleen's Happy Time Craftcast.

Key Takeaways:

  • Art journaling is a versatile and therapeutic form of self-expression.
  • The journey of creativity is unique and can lead to unexpected, fulfilling destinations.
  • Community and interaction are central to the growth and enrichment of artistic endeavors.

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