Welcome, TikTokkers!

Hey, TikTokkers! I’m Joleen Emery. I make art and beautiful, high-quality yoga mats on our farm in rural southeast Minnesota.

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Contact Me!

Call me at 301-706-9163.
Email me at hello@bigravenyoga.com.

Art Kits!

I’ve begun releasing art kits on a regular basis. I’m now up to THREE:

5 Magnificent Mums

5 Magnificent Mums

Framed Paper Flowers

Framed Paper Flowers

Library Wreath

Library Wreath

Art Retreats!

I lead all kinds of art retreats at Big Raven Farm in southeast Minnesota. It’s all about the art I make on TikTok (plus really great food and optional yoga and other activities!) If you like what I make online, you’re going to love making your own versions live and in person with me! We always have a great time at these retreats and you’ll come away from this relaxing weekend with plenty of ideas and inspiration, completed pieces, fun swag, and new friends. I have a full schedule of retreats lined up for the coming months. Reserve your spot today — space is limited and will fill up soon!

Best Intentions Yoga Mat!

Looking for my fully customizable Best Intentions yoga mat (as seen here)? You can find it right here on our site. Customize it with the people, words, and goals that are important to you!

Parts List for Floor Lamp

Looking to make this awesome floor lamp?! Here are the things you’ll need…

  • 1 chunk of wood for the base, approximately 1 foot (30 cm) across.
  • 4 feet for the base (so the electrical cord has room to snake out from under it). These could be pieces of wood, plastic buttons, or thick felt pads, just to lift it enough to make room for the electrical cord.
  • 5 feet (1.5 meters) or so of threaded iron pipe from the hardware store (plus a connector if you have 2 shorter pieces of iron pipe instead of 1 long one).
  • 1 iron flange that will sit on the wood base and will accept the threaded iron pipe.
  • 4 wood screws to hold the flange to the wood base.
  • 1 lamp kit (about $13 at Amazon).
  • 3 threaded reducers to bring the iron pipe down to the same size as the threaded light stem.
  • 1 lamp shade.

(If you have any questions, let me know! The friendly people at your local hardware store can help you figure out all the necessary pieces if you need some assistance. Don’t be afraid to wire this yourself — it’s really easy: just two wires!)

Free Downloads!

Want something cool for free? How about a PDF full of paper dolls? These are perfect for printing, cutting out, and pasting into collages. Super cute and I’ve used them in plenty of my own projects!

More free stuff: A collection of really great downloadable quotes!

Favorite Products!

Because everyone keeps asking me about things I use, here are links to some of them…

Clock Kit
Clock Kit

2 kits for less than $10 on Amazon!

Finger Protectors
Silicone Finger Protectors

Protect yourself from hot glue (and hot glue guns)!

About $7 on Amazon.

Pom-Pom Maker
Pom-Pom Maker

4 sizes for $12 (total) on Amazon!

Framing Stapler
Framing Stapler

It drives staples sideways!

About $70 on Amazon. (Birthday gift from the hubs!)

Rare Earth Magnets
Rare Earth Magnets

Great for temporarily sticking stuff to other stuff.

About $10 for a pack of 45, or 22¢ each at Amazon.

Test Tubes
Test Tubes

Perfect for bud vases!

About $18 for 18 test tubes and corks, or $1 each at Amazon.

Wood Slices
Wood Slices

Way easier than cutting and drying your own!

About $22 for 25 slices, or 88¢ each at Amazon.

Fiskars Kit
Fiskars Kit

Great for precisely cutting all kinds of stuff.

About $29 at Amazon.

Bone Folder
Bone Folder

“This is my bone folder. There are many like it, but this one is mine.”

Great for making sharp creases, like so!

About $6 50 at Amazon.

Pink Power Cordless Scissors
Pink Power Cordless Scissors

These are great — I use them for cutting just about everything!

Herb Scissors
Herb Scissors

These will quickly shred paper into uniform strips like this.

All the Rest…

(I may earn a small Amazon Affiliate commission if you purchase any of these through these links. But I both use and love these products, and that’s the only reason I’m linking them for you!)

Make Art With Me!

Our B&B/retreat center, Big Raven Farm, is located in Spring Grove, Minnesota. We hold all kinds of events and retreats here, including art retreats. Check our schedule to see if it fits with yours! I’d love to have you come make art with me here in person!

Dining Hall Gardens Great Room Book Art Flowers Wreath Chickens!

My Bracelets

Since everyone keeps asking about the bracelets in my videos: I make them myself, but you can get them here!

Black-and-Pink Happy Stack

Our Yoga Mats

I love making art, but we also make awesome, beautiful yoga mats! They’re 6' × 2' × 4.5mm thick, with a 100% natural rubber back and a super grippy microfiber vegan suede surface.

We print to order — you place an order, we sublimate your design onto a blank mat, and ship it directly to you. It couldn’t be easier!

Our mats are super soft, super grippy, and we can produce super vibrant colors that won’t fade or bleed!

(We can also print your custom artwork on our big, beautiful canvases. Functional art! Amazing gifts! And you earn a royalty on your work! Reach out by email, phone, or contact form if you’re interested.)

Yoga Mat