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Hello, Craftonians! Welcome back to another exciting episode of Joleen's Happy Time Craftcast. I had the pleasure of hosting the incredibly talented Becky Campbell, founder of Sew Forever. With over 30 years of quilting experience under her belt, Becky has developed some truly innovative techniques that make quilting more accessible and fun for everyone. Let me share with you what I learned from our delightful conversation.

A New Approach to English Paper Piecing

One of the first things Becky shared was her revolutionary take on English paper piecing. If you’ve ever felt intimidated by the traditional methods involving basting and whip stitching, you’re not alone. Becky’s solution? Self-stick templates. These templates simplify the entire process by eliminating the need for basting. You just stick the templates to the fabric, cut, and sew. It’s a straightforward and efficient way to dive into English paper piecing without all the hassle.

Simplifying Applique with Innovative Techniques

Next up, Becky introduced her unique applique method. Traditional applique can be quite the challenge, especially when it comes to tracing patterns onto vinyl or using freezer paper. Becky’s technique uses a transparent placement guide and adhesive-backed freezer paper, which makes the process much simpler and less prone to errors. This method is a fantastic way to make applique accessible, even if you’re just starting out.

Combining Techniques for Creative Freedom

One of the most exciting parts of our chat was learning how Becky’s techniques can be combined to enhance creativity. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned quilter, these methods open up new possibilities. Becky also offers an online course that teaches these techniques using any pattern, which is perfect for bringing your unique ideas to life.

Showcasing the "Queen of Diamonds"

Becky showcased her stunning "Queen of Diamonds" project by Tula Pink. This project is a testament to how effective her self-stick templates and applique techniques are. The intricate design looks complex but is surprisingly manageable thanks to Becky’s methods. I also took the opportunity to share some of my current projects, including commissions for my feather heart pieces.

Tips and Tools for Quilting Success

Becky didn’t just stop at sharing her techniques; she also offered some invaluable tips on organizing fabric and scraps. Her advice on using a special rotary cutter for safety and precision was particularly enlightening. We also talked about the importance of using sustainable materials and how repurposing discarded fabric can contribute to eco-friendly crafting.

Making Quilting Accessible for Everyone

One of the key takeaways from our conversation was Becky’s commitment to making quilting accessible to everyone, including those with limited hand mobility. Her storage system for fabric and scraps is both practical and visually appealing, making it easy to stay organized.

If you’re eager to learn more about Becky’s techniques, you can find her on social media and at her website, Sew Forever. She regularly shares blog posts, tutorials, and more to help you master these innovative methods.

Exciting Retreats and Future Guests

Before wrapping up, I shared some exciting news about our upcoming retreats at Big Raven Farm. We have "Pick Your Own Projects" and "Art for Self-Care" retreats planned, offering a variety of creative experiences. Be sure to mark your calendars and join us for some crafting fun!

Wrapping Up

A big thank you to Becky Campbell for joining us and sharing her incredible insights into the world of quilting. Her innovative techniques have truly made quilting more accessible and enjoyable.

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Happy crafting, everyone!




Show Notes:

(0:00 - 1:29) Introduction

  • Joleen welcomes viewers and introduces Becky Campbell, founder of Sew Forever.
  • Becky has been quilting for 30 years and specializes in English paper piecing and applique.
  • Becky's techniques are beginner-friendly and suitable for advanced quilters.

(1:30 - 5:17) English Paper Piecing

  • Becky demonstrates her English paper piecing method using self-stick templates.
  • These templates simplify the traditional methods by eliminating the need for basting and whip stitching.
  • Becky describes how to use the templates, cut fabric, and stitch pieces together.

(5:18 - 9:09) Innovative Applique

  • Becky introduces her innovative applique technique.
  • She created a transparent placement guide to avoid tracing patterns.
  • Her method involves using adhesive-backed freezer paper and a specialized glue technique to prepare applique pieces.

(9:10 - 14:27) Combining Techniques

  • Becky explains how her techniques make applique and paper piecing accessible for beginners.
  • She mentions her online course, which teaches these methods using any pattern.

(14:28 - 22:53) Project Showcase

  • Becky showcases her work, including a project called "Queen of Diamonds" by Tula Pink.
  • She explains how her self-stick templates and applique techniques were applied to this project.
  • Joleen shares her current projects, including commissions for her feather heart pieces.

(22:54 - 27:50) Tips and Tools

  • Becky shares tips on organizing fabric and scraps, using a special rotary cutter, and safety tips.
  • They discuss using sustainable materials and repurposing discarded fabric in their crafts.

(27:51 - 32:40) Final Thoughts and Social Media

  • Becky talks about her storage system for fabric and scraps.
  • She shares where listeners can find her on social media and her website (sewforever.com).
  • Becky emphasizes the importance of making quilting accessible for people with limited hand mobility.

(32:41 - 42:16) Joleen's Announcements

  • Joleen announces upcoming retreats at Big Raven Farm, including "Pick Your Own Projects" and "Art for Self-Care."
  • Joleen shares her excitement for future guests on the show.

(42:17 - End) Closing

  • Joleen thanks Becky for joining the show.
  • Becky shares her favorite and least favorite words, favorite sandwich, and what being an artist means to her.
  • Becky also discusses her love for creating and problem-solving in quilting.


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